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Новая Мировая Религия - New World Religion - БЕСКОНЕЧНАЯ ЖИЗНЬ и ЗАХВАТ КОНТРОЛЯ НАД ПЛАНЕТОЙ!
1. Основные заповеди. Человек бог! -
2. Законы Государства -
3. Тени… будущего -
4. Бесконечное продление жизни –
5. Космос -
6. Робототехника и Искусственный интеллект -
7. Интернет -
8. Перенаселение -
9. Альтернативные сообщества -
10. Призрачные территории -



Amouranth is the online handle of Twitch streamer Kaitlyn Siragusa. She is known for her sexy cosplay and adult content, leading to accusations of being a "Twitch Thot." After it was revealed she was married, she was accused of scamming her viewers who believed she was single.

Siragusa is a native of Houston, Texas. She began streaming in 2016 and has amassed over 768,000 Twitch followers and over 1 million Instagram subscribers.She also runs a Patreon where she sells NSFW content. She also has a subreddit that has over 8,100 subscribers (clips shown below).

Amouranth Twitch Model Interview - PAPER

Amouranth Twitch Model Interview - PAPER

Cosplayer and Twitch streaming personality Amouranth, otherwise known as Kaitlyn, has been making costumes and internet content since 2010. She has a flourishing Patreon page and hyper dedicated fan base who pay good money for exclusive Google hangou