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How To Troubleshoot iPhone That Won’t Turn Off?
If your iPhone does not turn off, you may get worried about your phone’s battery and feel that it may do not last for long. This situation is a bit rare, but there are a few people who face this issue. There is nothing to worry about it. Go through this blog carefully to know the way of fixing it.

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How to Disable Office Background
Several users are complaining that they are getting a blank pop-up that disappears after a few seconds. The reason for the pop-up menu is a background executable software known as Office background task handler.

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How to Back Up Save Game Files on a Windows 10 Computer
You need to back up the saved games in case you want to set up a new laptop or desktop. You can launch the saved files from your USB drive once you have installed the game on your new computer. If you back up your saved games, then you will never lose them.

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How To Save an Email as a PDF on Android and iPhone
Nowadays users use many formats and ways to save their documents, but in this technologically smart world, today the PDF format is preferred mainly to keep and protect the document safely whether it is a computer system or a smartphone. If you want to download an email and save it as a PDF, then you can easily do it.

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How to Fix Pending Downloads on Google Play
Downloading an application from your Google Play Store is an easy process. But some users are facing problems while they try to download any application on their smartphone.

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How to Change Download Location In Chrome, Safari, and Firefox
Fortunately, there are plenty of methods for downloading files onto our PC. For instance, by a cloud storage service such as Dropbox or else straight from someone’s server by FTP.

How to Change Download Location In Chrome, Safari, and Firefox? –

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