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Новая Мировая Религия. Основные заповеди.



This quiet thriller by North Carolina native Perry Blackshear, the director of the 2015 psychological thriller They Look Like People, depicts a modern retelling of the Rusalka, a Slavic folktale female creature who haunts the waterways in which she drowned.

The film, which lasts just 79 minutes, sees the return of the three main actors from Blackshear’s previous filmas they depict new characters in this dark fairytale: a man searching for his husband who went missing in a lake, a mysterious woman who seems confined to that lake, and a naïve, mute man who is staying in a house on the shore of the body of water.

Relying heavily on sound design, emphasized in particular due to the limited amount of dialogue in the film, The Rusalka tows the line between dread and beauty. While the silhouettes and imagery created by the siren, played by Margaret Ying Drake, are often terrifying, every other shot in the film resembles a Baroque painting, with the lighting illuminating her in dramatic effect.

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