I perform with RS3 but lurk on the OSRS subreddit

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I perform with RS3 but lurk on the OSRS subreddit

I perform with RS3 but lurk on the OSRS subreddit. I believe the problem with implementing something like our death mechanics now is that the lack of a practice mode in OSRS gold your level PvM encounters. We could go do our greatest level things in a practice setting (so no death costs, but no loot either) in which you cant. Without a system such as this in place, it makes your passing system far more penalizing for learners. Advocate for a clinic system, I believe that its a fantastic improvement in tandem.

Overall I think that it's quite balanced. When I was learning rs3 the death costs were negligible since lower tiered gear has minimum departure expenses. Plus if the cost was a problem at the low tiers (so essentially no degradable gear) you could get your stuff at no cost at the gravestone. Now that I'm learning higher level pvm (vorago, nex solo, telos) the passing costs are much higher (approximately 1.5-2m+ rs3 (about 300k-400k osrs based on bond costs ) without the ring of passing ) however, being higher degree, I can pay that kind of money as an hour in gwd2 will easily cover plenty of death prices for higher ended pvm. I believe OSRS could benefit from a system that is similar. It punishment for RuneScape players, but much higher when you learn higher ended pvm which is okay because if you are doing high degree pvm, you should have access to money making methods to easily pay for it.

I think that it's wonderful. When end game things may cost several months worth of farming gold, losing them is insane. It was fine back when rune had been bis and you could grind back it but end game things that are permently just sucks. I never did PVM before since the punishment for failing while studying was too high. Now it's only pay some GP and get back into RuneScape game. Death costs so you should be billed much you can not afford it, but still enough to make you want to avoid deaths in order not to destroy your own profits, ramp up with your gear price. Additionally, it is a gold sink.

I believe that the choice with graves and the office of Death is right for you guys. Low degree RuneScape players recover for free and may run back to the grave. I still don't get why Jagex stuck with using the old reclaimation system with ToB, Vorketh, Hydra, and whatnot. A flat fee will underpunish veteran pvmers however overpunish learners and force them to use gear that is expensive. The one issue using the system of RS3 is graving would delete al things. This would not be the case for you men. Not sure if this really is a problem, but graves in RS3 disappear faster than 15 minutes.

It is 1:45 for the gravestone that is basic and up to moments for the one. So understand your path back to arrive on time and you need to have teleports prepared. But unlike OSRS, RS3 has teleports, lodestones, slower run electricity depletion rates, and movement abilities to cheap RuneScape gold make getting back much faster. And there's Ring of Death which requires a 15 percent off its charge rather than paying Death and it lets you keep your recognizable. A cut onyx recharges this ring. However, they only cost 1.8m right now which is overly cheap IMO.