Via Office 365 Support fix another installation is in progress issue

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Via Office 365 Support fix another installation is in progress issue

If you are getting error code 0-1018 0 while installing Office 365, then it means another installation is taking place. You see an error message that says something like “We’re extremely sorry but we couldn’t start your Office installation as another installation is in progress.” This is generally happen due to the another office installation or update process is running in the background. Also, as per the Office 365 Technical Support team professionals, due to an older MS office installation files that have not been properly deleted from the windows you can face this issue. Here are few fixes that you can try to eliminate this nasty problem and get office 365 up and running.

How to get rid of another installation is in progress error?

Another installation is in progress error message can stop you from installing office 365 on your PC. This might be a big problem and speaking of installation issues, see some more issues that are reported by users often:

Microsoft Office error code 0-1018: This error can crop up if your system files get corrupted, but with the intention to fix the error, you need to fix your installation by performing an SFC and DISM scans.

MS Office 365 error code 0: This error can sometimes come into view due to the installed antivirus software, and to eliminate this error, you need to disable your antivirus temporarily and check if that helps.

Unable to start Office installation error code 0-1018: Another reason for this error can be your system firewall. If you can’t install Office, ensure to disable Windows Firewall temporarily and validate if that helps.

Error 1500 another installation is in progress MS Office: If you bump into this error message, make sure to disable or stop any other installations that are running in the background. By using task manager, you can do that with ease.

Now, look at the points to troubleshoot another installation is in progress issue:

  • Check your antivirus if it is stopping the office 365 to install.
  • Make sure Another Installation Process is not running in the background.
  • With the help of System File Checker try to fix error 0-1018 0.
  • Register your Office 365 DLL Dependencies
  • Uninstall all the other office versions
  • Run the office 365 FIXIT Tool to eliminate this issue.
  • Try disabling windows firewall for temporarily basis.
  • Install all the latest updates to fix this error.

By performing above points, you will surely be able to eliminate another installation is in progress issue. If the issue still stumbles upon, then you need to put a call on Office 365 Support Phone Number. After dialing this toll-free number and making connection with deft professionals, your entire issues will be exterminated easily. 

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