Path of Exile detailed plan adjustment Delusion Expansion

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When the Path of Exile releases its next update, Delirium, it will make major changes to the Atlas of the World, especially the way Spawn Conquerors operate. The changes are based on player feedback that states that spawning has been too random since the release of the Atlas Conqueror series. These changes were detailed in a post on the Path of Exile forum, along with other noteworthy adjustments, such as reinstating one-sixth of a supplier recipe and changing the Awakening level rewards ( Including POE Currency, POE Orbs) and fine-tuned map layers.

The r-ball can be used on the map to increase the difficulty and increase rewards. A maximum of five Orb can be used on a map. Currently, they have released Orb, which can provide more currencies, maps, fossils, essences, and unique items. It is unclear whether this is five or more. It's unclear whether you can meet Delirium naturally or only through the use of these spheres, but I must imagine that at least during the league there will be something naturally produced to introduce you to the mechanic.

This mechanism represents an interesting step compared to the overcrowding in recent leagues, in which case it feels like there is too much content in a given map. This can make all your content more powerful and feel better, but without the need to add layers of click and participation, such as added syndicate systems or Metamorph.

When the update arrives, players should find that the randomness generated is reduced to a certain degree. In the beginning, players will have to generate influence in an area, which will be random. After making an impact, a segmented bar will appear to inform players where they will encounter monsters and make progress. These two things don't always happen simultaneously. After completing all the parts, players can talk to Kiran and Zana in their hideout and open the portal to the conquerors.

Delirium update will be released on the 13th of this month. If you want to get more information about this update before it is released, you are in luck. will bring you more content, if you want to Buy POE Orbs to prepare for the new season, we can also meet your needs.