Everyday is Special

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My simple blog will help you understand why everyday is special.

Everyday is a special day for me. How is it a special day, it's because being alive is one of the most important part that makes it special. Not just a special occasion that is celebrated by many which Is on red calendar date, but we should also give much appreciation for the daily lives we experienced and gain daily from our dear Lord. 


I am sharing you my experience why I give so much emphasis why is everyday special, it's because during the days of my dad, I am his right hand doing tasks for him, specifically buying medicines, accompanying him to the doctor, other stuffs like cooking food, buying merienda and snacks for him if he needs, during his hospital emergencies happened from the past, I am his side-kick. Until the time I carry him at hold his hands and accompany to the emergency for immediate assistance, because lately we discovered he got pneumonia, and I am so sad about that. 


He past away without much struggles, just like having a difficulty on breathing, not having severe signs that he will left us. When he closed his eyes, without knowing that it is already the final day we can be with him. 


Oh no! Why kind people experience this circumstances. 


I mourn for his death. I cried a lot. That I seems the world has just ended when we lost him.


I don't have to regret anything it's because I haven't wasted my time for things or occasions, simply I've offered my full time support and help for my father while he was still living with us.


Thats why my appreciation on daily living and showing my car, love and effort to the people around me specially inside home will never end. 


We only live once, spend everyday as special , kind, and fruitful as it must be. We cannot bring bàck the past to repay the shortcomings of the present.


This is maria-mendoza sharing to you my real time experience and I hope you've learned something from it. 


Have a Fruitful Tuesday To All...

maria mendoza 8 months ago

Emotions of other people, their real life experience will only touch your heart if you will experience the same.