I Tried To Give Myself A Henna For The First Time :)

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Oh my god no I did not just do that well. Hello there beautiful people my name is Bridget and welcome back to my blog I probably an awesome day and today's blog is going to be something a little bit different today we're going to be doing a head out on myself for the first time

Oh my god no I did not just do that well. Hello there beautiful people my name is Bridget and welcome back to my blog I probably an awesome day and today's blog is going to be something a little bit different today we're going to be doing a head out on myself for the first time and I'm so excited because I've always wanted to try Mihenna even it's like a kid I never went out and like got henna before but I've always really wanted to so. 

Today we be doing Mihenna kits so it comes with a bunch of stencils and a henna which I'm so glad they're stencils cuz like free handing it seems really intimidating but hopefully today. I'm gonna give myself a really nice henna using this kit I'm gonna pick up the stencils that I want and then we're gonna go ahead and get started so let's go ahead and get into today's blog alright guys before you started Mihenna is sponsoring today's blog. 

I wanted to tell you that and a little bit about their kits so I did pick these stencils that go in the kit so you get to go on their website and pick the stencils that you want to use which I think is really great because then you know which kind of style you like or what kind of body part are you doing it on.

Are you doing it on a leg are you doing it on your hand what kind of pieces do you want to make your own henna with so inside that kit you get a cone which i have sitting in the fridge just because it gets really hot. I'm in Florida right now so all of our henna stencils and all the supplies we need are in here and I'm very excited to go ahead and get started also just because they're sponsoring today's blog I'm using this thing does not mean I'm any better application because I am so uncoordinated I'm so bad at everything that hopefully it turns out okay that's why I haven't got their stencils also I am left-handed but my right arm is pretty tattooed so I'm going to be dealing with my opposite hand to do my left hand which is not tattoos so that might be a little bit interesting too if that sounds good to you let's get started alright so this angle is weird I apologize but this isn't sign of the box so first we have this right here and then you have this cute little cami tank top it's really cute then in here we have some information about the body art kits so it shows you the instructions I will be paying very close attention to these I did just take a shower as well because I didn't I know you can't get this like really wet for the night 24 hours so I wanted to take a shower and then here are the stencils that I choose. 

I choose a bunch of them because the whole kit you can choose like a ton and I didn't know which ones I was gonna feel like using so here is the first one which is really cute here is the other one this one I think I really like I'm going to keep this in like in my maybe pile get some cute shapes because I thought maybe like it'd be fun I don't know Mickey Mouse is cute we have some flowers which would be really cute on like down the side of the arm I don't care Alesia but like down the side the arm be cute there's some cute little ones that are like four fingers I felt like it'd be heat on my fingers so I might use these you have it this one is well which is cute this one is so delicate and dainty like across a leg or something I can armband but these would be so cute and then we have this one right here which is very simple but I like that there's like a lot going on in a small space so I think I'm gonna use these two I don't know because I want something on my wrist cuz like I want to do this hand cuz I'm left-handed but you're not gonna see it over my real tattoo so I might have to do it on this hand my opposite hand so I think noting my fingers and I'm not sure yeah I guess I'll I'll do my hand and then I'll put this on like rig here. 

Maybe I think that'll work so that's what I'm gonna do also look how pale my fingers are right here compared to right here for like driving and then like these at the light ridiculous my fingers look so weird right now so I'm gonna go ahead and get started all right so what I did is I cut these out to the like shape I wanted so there's no excess stuff around it I got the three finger pieces. I'm gonna do three fingers and then this big one for like well I guess it'll be this way my hand shall do it this way or this way they're gonna do it this way yeah so I'm gonna do these so the next step in here is to apply it and I'm a little bit nervous because well if I do it Chrome you know I'm not very good things I'm just gonna make sure I press these down really good so they stick in place so this is the first one the edges aren't going down but that's fine because the main part of the stencil I'm excited a little bit let's do this I'm also not be able to move my hand or use my hand for the next two hours.

So I choose a time where I had like some free time to do this and now I'm just gonna apply the rest of them alright so here is the stencils applied of course the edges again are not gonna stay down but that's completely fine I am concerned about this one a little bit I just don't have been my arm too much but this is what we have going on. 

I'm gonna change camera batteries and we'll get started applying the henna all right let's do this I am kind of nervous a little bit because I am just like accident-prone to the max but also I think it might look cool so I have the henna tube here it leaked because I live in a very hot climate but that's fine. So I'm gonna keep it in the bag and use it like this I'm gonna pull the needle out so that we could get started using this and I'm so uncoordinated with my right hand I don't know how to hold things with my right hand but I'm gonna very slowly apply pressure so I don't like put out too much henna thing but I'm gonna start off with thee fingers. 

Oh my god no I did not just do that I'm pretty sure I messed the first one up there my first finger I did so far but I'm pretty sure the rest of this is going okay like it's kind of hard to tell on camera so I'm going to fast forward the rest of this process unless something terrible happens then I'll let you know so for this bottom half with the big flower I've decided to do this really quickly because I am on a crease of my arm and the stencil wants to come up so I'm trying to do this at least decently quickly this half might not be as nicely done as the rest of it. 

We will see but I must say it's kind of satisfying doing this like it's kind of a good like I don't know like um I don't know it's like a relaxing also the stencil makes it really cool because I would never in a million years know how to do these kind of designs I feel like because you can't see my face in this blog I feel like I'm talking in a voiceover but I'm not alright so I've decided against doing this edge that's lifted up because I don't want it to run everywhere but ideally you could probably do a better placement it would have to worry about it so this is what I'm working with I filled in all the holes with the henna except for of course this side but this side looks really good so I'm optimistic. 

I'm gonna leave this on nail and wait two hours and I'll be right back alright guys hello it has been two hours I'm gonna show you this one close as best as possible it looks so gross also I know that this is supposed to be like farther down the hand this is supposed to be like right at the wrist here I really wanted a high up you know I'd made this like a lot more difficult to put down and I obviously didn't do this part but I really wanted to hype up my hand because I it was considered getting my this hand this hand tattooed and I wanted to see how I felt about it so I put it higher up in the hand so I could like see what I feel like about having something on my hand all the time and now I'm gonna peel this off and then I'll wash it off so fingers it's been exactly two hours so that came out there is to be a degree of human error of course you can always take your time and things um but yeah this is what I ended up doing I think it was fun to apply there honestly because like I had a good time these are all the fingers look like.

I knew this was messed up from the start and then of course I got to wash off everything - how weird how weird is this oh my gosh so most of it stayed on the stencil like the henna itself I'm gonna wash my hand and then I'll show you what looks like a course that's gonna take 24 hours for this bully to develop so to wash this you take the vial of coconut oil and a paper towel I'm gonna put a drug you could probably put it on the tattoo itself I'm gonna put it on the paper towel to start off with and I'm just gonna rub off all the excess and now that stuck on my skin that's kind of flaky they also have these little tiny spatulas you could use to do that too but I have a look a weird um a thing about popsicle sticks and I really don't like touching them.

So I'm just gonna use the paper towel alright so my hands a little right cuz I was just rubbing all of this off but look at this finger this one looks pretty decent the other two kind of messed up oh but you know human error again I really like how the stencil a part came out this looks really solid honestly I'm kind of excited to see how it develops. 

So this is the hand immediately after removing the henna and I will see you tomorrow was he finished developed color alright guys so I realized I have looked better but I apologize about that so this is how it turned out after 24 hours most of it is like very hard to see like my fingers and some is hard to see however I did realize any part that I applied a ton of stayed just fine so this is the like a main piece that we did and it looks really cute I really like how it's like barely notice. 

It's like very cute tinted I like that a lot so what I noticed is why the rest of like my fingers and stuff didn't stick so when I said I was applying and I was like I'm gonna do this last part really fast I applied a lot more I applied it a lot more liberally so I think that really helped it end result when I was doing the fingers and things I was doing a very minimal amount of product because I was scared that I was gonna like leak through the stencil or something but when I use a ton of it and just coated over the stencil it turned out so much better so thank you guys so much for reading today's blog I hope you enjoyed it if you've tried henna on yourself let me know do you think it's fun do you think it's easy and do you think these stencils would help you because I think if it was not for this stencil I would not know what I was doing the solutions are very helpful so thank you guys so much for reading I will leave the kit link down below if you want to check it out and I will see you in the next blog bye guys.