Gravity Cannon Experiment Test of General Relativity

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The gravity cannon experiment is a very simple mechanical measurement that can provide decisive confirmation or falsification of the various gravity theories. In particular, a short video of its actual gravitational dynamics would provide the ultimate and dramatic test of Einstein’s equi

Space Aliens and Gravity

To fully understand the principle of the gravitational expansion of mass, space, and time, it is necessary to first present a little science fiction tale. This is a story about the initial discovery of gravitational force and momentum by a group of scientists far more advanced than beginners like Galileo, Newton, and Einstein.

Gravity Cannon ExperimentAs our story begins, a group of space alien people is traveling through the cosmos in the starship Titanic. They are light years away from their home planet when they finally reach our solar system and discover planet Earth. They have been on the journey for many generations and for one reason or another have lost all knowledge from their former civilization. They are technically advanced and have a wide array of sophisticated observing and measuring devices. Being far removed from any large bodies of matter for thousands of years, there is no reason for any of them to consider the unfelt and unmeasured gravitational fields. They have always had the “artificial” gravity caused by the titanic spinning like a rifle bullet. The living quarters are located around the outside of the ship’s hull where they have normal Earth “gravitational” acceleration. The astronauts feel the floor pushing them toward the ship’s center with centripetal force. When they move to the center they are weightless. They completely understand the mechanics of the centrifugal and centripetal forces that produce the upward push of gravity they feel in the living quarters. Continue Reading