How to keep your straight hair always beautiful

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Almost women like having natural straight hair because it looks both smooth and elegant. However, to have that is completely not easy. Many people can’t have it for their whole life because of less proper hair care methods. Let’s find them out right here below together with us!


  1. Keep hair clean

It is clear that if you don’t let your hair dry and clean, you will meet a lot of unexpected problems. Your hair can be very dirty and smell while your scalp is itchy. For a long time, hair breakage and hair shedding happens more and more. They will hinder your hair growth and make you can’t have your dreamy long straight hairstyle.  

  1. Avoid external effects and high temperature

These are the top enemies of hair because they make hair become weaker, slimmer and frizzier. We highly stimulate you to dry your wet hair naturally but don’t keep it serious. Heavy effects of sunlight, UV beam, wind, etc can make hair get tangles, knots. Whereas, high heat of hair styling tools can make the hair breakage become worse. They are completely nor good for hair, especially straight hair. 

  1. Avoid making too many hairstyles in a short time

Beautiful and diverse hairdos always attract the attention of women. However, styling hair too much is also the top cause that make natural straight hair to be effected. Obviously, you can braid, making soft hair curls, hair waves, etc but let’s make sure that you don’t keep them too long on hair. If not, folds will appears more and more and your hair can’t be as straight as initial hair. 

  1. Tobe careful when sleeping 

You had better use a towel to wind your hair over and keep it away from getting tangles when sleeping. This is the period that your activities are the least so you should also take care of hair better with specialized hair mask or hair conditioners. If you can do it well, your straight hair will be very great.


We hope that these information will be useful for your hair care routine so that you can have more beautiful straight hairstyles than ever. If you have demands of long straight hair extensions, you can contact Beequeenhair. This is a famous and prestigious brand that can make your hair look perfect.