Must-Visit best Andhra Restaurant in Bangalore for Andhra Food of your lifetime.

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The Andhra cuisine embraces both mouthwatering vegetarian and non-vegetarian serving dishes. Andhra cuisine comes with myriad savors and textures.

Andhra cuisine encompasses various regions is that the reason why feasting at an Andhra restaurant is usually a surprise and delight.

Best Andhra cuisine dining:
One of the hyped-up food points within the city for Andhra meals, Nandhana Restaurants is straightforward tops the list of best Andhra Restaurants in Bangalore.

Our restaurants is a fantastic crowd puller and therefore the place are going to be jam-packed most the time. If you would like to possess the simplest Andhra style Biriyani then Nandhana is that the best.

Nandhana restaurants may be a place of great ambience and therefore the food is just awesome for every bite. Our Restaurant is an absolute fiesta for Andhra Food lovers.

Andhra style Special Foods:
Without a reconsideration , Nandhana Restaurants is one among the delicious Andhra Restaurants in Bangalore that brings the important taste of Andhra to your table. Their flavors and spices can cause you to drool for your mouth!!

Delightful Nandhana Recommended foods are “Andhra Veg Carrier Meals, Nellore Mutton Biryani, Hyderabad Chicken Biryani, Nellore Chicken Biryani, Chicken Sholay Kabab, Chilli Chicken” and you furthermore may must know for Nandhana Special Starters like “Paneer Dry, Carrot 65, Bamboo Chicken, Fish Fry” and more…

Aromatic Andhra Meals:

Never say “NO” to Andhra meals at this elegant place. We prepare best Andhra meals that contains polished rice , gun powder, ghee, akkurapappu, vepudu, sambar, rasam, majjiga pulusu, perugu, fried chillies, appalam, special pachadi, gongura pickle, mango pickle, and a sweet.

Andhra Style yummy Biryani for non-veg lovers:
Best place to satisfy your appetite for Yummy Biryani. Nandhana special Biryani stands out from all aspects and is certainly great dining for all biryani lovers. up here you will be ready to settle certain mounds of odoriferous Hyderabad Chicken biryani that’s decorated with tender chunks of meat and sheeny chillies.

Expertise at the simplest Andhra Restaurant:
One of the city’s most memorable dining experiences with a spread of Andhra cuisine delights and our grand ambience that creates you are feeling royal. If you're planning a pleasant dinner/Lunch together with your friend or family, this restaurant would be perfect for you.