Do Babies Dream When They Are Asleep?

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In this blog, we attempt to make you understand the sleep cycle and everything that happens around that

The babies, just like us grown-ups do everything except walking and speaking. They eat, play, sleep. Also, they sleep more than a grown-up. And needless to say, but the quality of sleep impacts the physical and mental wellbeing of a person. However, there are somethings that we cannot ascertain. For instance, we are not aware of what they like eating, we do not know what they are thinking, why they are crying and if they are dreaming when they are asleep. Ever thought what if everything that happens during the day leaves an impact on the mind of the baby and he ends up seeing a dream related to it when he is sleeping? If you have ever had, or even if the title just provoked this thought in you, you are at the right place. In this blog, we attempt to make you understand the sleep cycle and everything that happens around that. Let us begin.


The sleep cycle

The sleep cycle understanding can help you tap into the activities that a baby experiences. So, just like your brain does not stop working when you fall asleep, your baby’s mind also doesn’t stop functioning. According to researchers the babies and grownups experience an activity pattern in their sleep cycle which is divided into two stages every night they sleep. These are called non-rapid eye movement sleep and rapid eye movement sleep. Both the movement during sleep has a different impact. We will understand both of these in the next segment.


What exactly happens during REM and Non-REM?

The rapid eye movement in the sleep is the time when the brain gets the active mode on. Now, most of the adults go through several phases of rapid eye movement during their sleep. These phases can last for an hour or so. The mattress has little or no impact on the sleep cycle, still, you can check mattress price in Banglore if you stay there and buy a good one. At this time the eyes flicker and the breath can also fasten. Infact, the time you wake up in despair after watching the dream, you can even find yourselves remembering the dream or a part of it. When it comes to babies when they are newly born, they spend more or at least half of their sleep time in REM, however, after 6 months 30 per cent of the sleep that the baby has is non REM.


They do crib activity

Now due to REM most of the babies find it difficult to have a sound sleep. They even get restless and start crying or doing some other activity which also ruins your sleep. You can even spot them smiling, flaring their body with eyes closed or making sounds. If this is happening, your baby might just be seeing a dream as this is the REM phase.


How can you make the baby sleep better?

To make your child sleep better, the least that you can do is get a comfy mattress for him. So, if you stay in Banglore, you can check the mattress price in Banglore for the ones that are specially made for babies. Rest, speak gently and hold him in a soft blanket if he wakes up.