React Native vs. Swift comparison

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React Native is a framework developed by way of Facebook for constructing device-agnostic cellular applications the usage of JavaScript. Since React Native is built on JavaScript, this language enables sharing round 70% code while growing cross-platform mobile apps for iOS and Android devi

Since you want to broaden a tremendous app, you need to consider the following elements on account that they affect the app development fee, the app performance, and the further technical help of your project.


User Interface


Since Swift of a native language for constructing iOS apps, there would now not be an unmarried issue with integrating an app into the iOS layout and making use of UX design principles. At the equal time, to construct a mobile app on Swift, your improvement team needs to create the code from scratch and varnish app design elements separately. Being powered with JavaScript, React Native uses the internal APIs to run native elements that adjust to any screen size. Thus, all app factors might be displayed accurately on various screens, whether it's far an iPhone or iPad.


Speed of coding

Swift is the maximum time-saving option to construct an app for the iOS platform: it makes app improvement easier at the same time as doing away with drawbacks.

At the same time, if your purpose is to develop an app for both iOS and Andriod platforms, and you do not want to expand separate mobile apps, leverage React Native. Apart from being a simple-yet-powerful running horse inside the cell improvement world, React Native lets in constructing an app for each iOS and Android app to be a copy-paste process.


Community and guide

To get hold of aid at some stage in the cell app improvement process, builders use Swift public boards with over 10,000 distributors.

To get hold of support concerning troubles with React Native, developers go to React Native Community on GitHub.



Native mobile programs evolved on Swift makes use of all device possibilities, especially graphic effects, and computational-heavy tasks.

When developers build a mobile app the use of React Native, they devise modules to leverage internal APIs and libraries on their own. Since builders upload a middle-guy between the code and platform, in some cases, it could impact the app's performance.

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Developer hourly rate

In 2019, the average Swift developers' hourly wage varies among unique countries:


  • From $eighty to $300 in the U.S.
  • From $50 to $2 hundred in Western Europe
  • From $25 and $one hundred fifty in Eastern Europe
  • At the equal time, the value of 1 hour of React Native Developer is the following:
  • From $70 to $350 in the U.S.
  • From $60 to $250 in Western Europe
  • From $30 to $a hundred and twenty in Eastern Europe


what to pick to your project?

So this is the pleasant coding language to construct your iOS cellular app? The answer relies upon on the app type, functionality, wide variety of users, and other elements. To provide you with a clue about the solution, keep in mind the following:


  • To construct an app with complicated person interfaces, such as a messaging app with an integrated geolocation feature, use Swift. 
  • Since building complicated apps on native coding language is always the first-class option.
  • If you want to construct a mobile app for each iOS and Android platforms, use React Native to store it slow and money.


When developing an app with several local features, and APIs provided by way of iOS, inclusive of media gamers or battery monitoring, leverage Swift.


By deciding on the proper platform for your iOS apps, you may significantly reduce app improvement costs, boom app productivity, and enhance ongoing app aid.

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