My Experience with African Pride Argan Miracle Leave-In Conditioner

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In this post, I am sharing my experience with African Pride Argan Miracle Leave-In Conditioner. This is my first post on the leave-in conditioner.

Hello Friends,

This is first aritlce on African Pride Products. Today I'm doing a review on the african pride argan miracle leave in conditioner and it's an anti-break formula.

Now you can use this daily for hair strengthening the the container is clear. It has like this green like green wrapper around it. But the product itself is white it's white and I purchased it at a beauty supply store, and I paid $4.99.

So, I pay $4.99 for this container this is a 15-ounce container for 4.99 now it smells like medicine. It has a little medicine smell like when I was a little girl getting like that tablespoon or whatever it smelled like that other than that.

I like this product on wash day I literally after I put the conditioner in my hair. I normally stubble up with this conditioner as a leave-in and I put it in my hair.

I put a plastic cap on, and I sit down, or I put a hot towel and put another bag like a Walmart bag what kind of plastic bag. I have over my hair while I have this in my hair and it's a man.

I like it I use it quite a bit and it's been really good my hair feels soft. When I get out of the shower when I wash it out it's really soft. I don't have to worry that it's going to like damage my hair my curls. I have tied 4c curls and when I put this in my hair tie 4c hair.

When I put this in my hair curls farm and it's beautiful my hair is it has a little curl pattern to it. I love that it makes me feel like my hair is versatile and that it's helping me to improve the health of my hair.

Because I had to cut my hair off it's a heat damaged and I am now trying new products for me. These products may be around for a long time, but I have never put anything in my hair.

This whole journey is about me learning about new products from the smallest product to the ones. I have the greatest effect on my hair.

I like this product it's affordable really affordable it's only $4.99 plus tax would be like 5 10 5 12 or something like that.

But you can't go wrong it's a good amount of product. I have a lot of hair thick hair and I have more than half a container left and I've used it several times.

So, I really like the product go ahead and get it you can get it at any beauty supply store. I found it here in the Bronx for $4.99 I'm pretty sure you can find it where you live. I hope you liked this article. Stay tuned with me for more African Pride products here. Till then Bye Bye!!