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The color is pure white and free of impurities, ensuring the color and transparency of the wear-resistant layer or paper. The brown fused aluminum oxide particle size distribution is uniform and concentrated, and the shape of the single particle is consistent. The minimum wear resistance can be achieved with a minimum amount. It is made by carefully selecting high-quality white corundum smelted from more than 2,000 degrees of high temperature as raw materials.

Fine white corundum powder has stable chemical properties, does not interact with acids and alkalis, and has minimal heat shrinkage. From mid to late November 2014, the price of alumina powder for white corundum has basically remained stable. The reasons that cause the current price of white corundum to fluctuate include that in December, most enterprises began to accelerate the speed of returning funds and complete bank loans.

There are also individual companies that have suspended production due to early environmental regulations to digest existing stocks. In today's world, although the use of abrasive tools is still mainly in the mechanical manufacturing industry, the use of white aluminium oxide has far exceeded its own grinding scope and has expanded to industries such as steelmaking, refractory materials, construction engineering, and electric heating elements.

With the rapid development of science and technology, abrasive tools will also open up more new ways in other fields. Fine powder is discharged from the upper part of the mill with the air flow, and is collected in the dust collection device, which is the product. The granular materials not carried away by the air flow, after overflowing the grinding disc, return to the mill inlet through the externally circulating bucket elevator, and enter the mill with the newly given raw materials to re-mill.

Set grinding, drying, grading and conveying functions in one, relatively complex functions, convenient operation and adjustment, high degree of automation, single machine processing capacity. The feeding pipe above the black aluminum oxide smelting furnace is added to the electric arc furnace to make the bauxite evenly added to the electric arc furnace. At present, the actual transaction price of white alumina has a downward trend.

When the process method is applied to the newly-built Brown Corundum manufacturing equipment, the two processes of bauxite calcination and bauxite smelting are closely connected, and the bauxite discharged from the rotary calciner is directly added to the electric arc furnace with temperature; in the process of adding the bauxite to the smelting furnace, the bauxite passes through the charging bin set on the electric arc furnace, and a plurality of evenly arranged feeding bins connected with the charging bin.

From an economic point of view, this is due to the improvement of resource utilization efficiency, especially the utilization of refractories. It will be difficult to continue to reduce the unit consumption of refractories. However, it is possible to reduce the unit consumption of pink aluminum oxide refractories for steelmaking to 5kg by popularizing new research and development achievements. The treatment of treated refractories has declined significantly. In modern Europe, treated refractories are widely used.