MacBook Pro 16 Anti Glare Blue Light Filter Screen Protector

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Eye Care, Relief Eye strain not HD Clear slightly “frosted” look, Anti Glare, Cut Reflection, Good Sleeping
NMPA Class 1 Medical Device – Filter 55% -70% of Blue Light and 99% of UV Ray Filter (Matte AG Medical Edition)
Filter 15% – 30% of Blue Light and 99% of UV Ray Filte

Main Feture for MacBook Pro 16″ 2019 Release Tempered Glass Screen Protector:

1.About 70% Anti Blue Light, Protec Our Eyes and Enjoy Good Sleeping(Medical Edition);

  • Blue light Source: The main source of harmful blue light is LED screens, such as mobile phone screen, computer screen and so on.
  • Blue light Injury: Harmful blue light can directly cause macular degeneration and severe cases can cause blindness.

Note: 15% – 30% anti blue light (Primary Edition)

Anti Blue Light , blocks about 70% of the blue light in 380nm-465nm short wave, improve sleeping ;

2. About 55% Anti Glare, Anti Eye Strain, Eye Pain

Eye Care, Relief Eye Strain – Anti-Glare, blocks more than 55% of the glare with the Nano-Etching technology;

3. About 50% Anti Reflective, Anti Eye Fatigue

  • Reflective SourceThe screen of a computer, mobile phone, etc. is itself a reflector that reflects light like a mirror.
  • Reflective InjuryThe electronic screen is easy to reflect and glare, and long-term gaze can cause visual fatigue.

Triple Guard Eyes, Anti Eye Fatigue – Low reflection, blocks more than 65% of the reflection of the mirror screen of phone and tablet computer;

4. Above 80% Anti UV Ray

  • UV light SourceNatural ambient light sources and artificial light sources contain a lot of ultraviolet light.
  • UV light InjuryUV rays can cause cataracts, glaucoma, and crow’s feet.

5. Above 50% Anti X-ray, protect immune function (only Medical Edition)

  • X-ray Source: security inspection machine, X-ray machine, CT inspection machine, etc.
  • X-ray Injury: X-rays cause a rapid increase in the rate of apoptosis in human cells, leading to a decline in immune function and even tumors.

6. Above 50% Anti Near Infrared Ray Protect skin and eye crystals (Medical Edition)

  • Near infrared Source: The main source is ambient light, fluorescent lamps, stoves, hot irons, etc. that in daily life.
  • Near infrared InjuryNear infrared rays can easily burn skin and eye crystals.

7. 80%-90% Anti Far Infrared Ray, Protect the optic nerve cells (only Medical Edition)

  • Far infrared SourceEverything made by humans contains far-infrared, and mobile phones and computers are no exception.
  • Far infrared InjuryLong-term exposure to far-infrared may cause cumulative damage to the optic nerve cells.

8. About 70% Anti Phone Electromagnetic Radiation, Protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system (only Medical Edition)

  • Radiation Sourcemobile phones, computers and other household appliances.
  • Radiation InjuryLong-term exposure to radiation, cells in the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system will be killed or damaged in large areas, severe cases can cause cerebral palsy.
anti 8 harmful radiations for medical-grade macbook pro 16 inch screen protector
anti 8 harmful radiations for medical-grade macbook pro 16 inch screen protector

MacBook Screen Protectors Eye Care Edition Comparison

 MacBook Pro 16" 2019 ReleaseMacBook Pro 16" 2019 Release
Eye Care EditionMatte Antiglare Primary EditionMatte Antiglare Medical Edition
NMPA Class 1 Medical Device
MaterialsAluminum Silicon Tempered GlassAluminum Silicon Tempered Glass
Anti UV Ray≥ 80%≥ 80%
Filter blue light (420nm-480nm)about30%60%-70%
Anti Glare55%55%
Low Reflective65%65%
Anti Phone Electromagnetic RadiationXabout 70%
Anti Near Infrared RayX≥ 50%
Anti X-rayX≥ 50%
Anti Far Infrared RayX80%-90%
iphone ipad macbook anti glare screen protector solar light blue light test report

Addtional Performance of MacBook Pro 16 Blue Light Screen Protector:

  • 2.5D Curved Round Edge, Case Friendly, No-hassle easy to Past, Bubble-Free Installation

  – 2.5D Curved Edged Design prevents chipping, providing enhanced safety and greater compatibility with a variety of cases, work perfectly;

  • 9H Hardness, Scratch Resistance by Chemical Strengthen in 4 hours 
  • Dust-Free, Fingerprint-Free, Smudge Resistance by AF Vacuum Evaporation,more durable than oleophobic coating

  – the anti-glare special coating for MacBook Pro 16 Inch with touch bar gives the surface a smooth feel which is sensitive to touch, even with damp fingers. It also provides a anti-fingering coat so that screen of your phone will remain clean and shinny;

  • 0.33mm thickness, thinner more than you want;
macbook pro 16 inch screen protector addtional performance