The politics of Pick up Lines For Single Men

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Constantly executing and practicing it is up to you and is the best dating advice.

Pick up Lines are so important as you open, attract, create rapport and become involved with more and better looking women, the art of calibration will become very natural.

Calibration in this sense is how you control the frame of interaction. Here’s an example. We all know high value women are constantly hit on by guys with no game. Often times the pick up line is something like “can I buy you a drink?” or “You’re so beautiful.”

Women find this boring and edgeless. If you were an attractive woman and were constantly being approached by men and told how pretty you were, it would become completely meaningless.

For high value women, men acting beta, putting them on a pedestal, lacking confidence, being indecisive, these are common elements that women pick up on when dealing with a non experienced males. This is not attractive to women or actually people in general.

When animals or humans “mate” or “court” there’s a standard protocol. It involves posturing and creating perceptions. If you don’t know the "Dating rules"your results will demonstrate that. Part of that protocol or posturing or framing is creating a perception of value which induces attraction.

This is not done by acting supplicant. When I started climbing the dating ladder to hotter and hotter girls, I would laugh to myself when I felt out of my league but through my frame the girl I was with would constantly be qualifying herself to me. This is exactly what I mean by posturing. Had I done what most guys do and what I use to do, I couldn’t manage the interaction to a successful conclusion. I would be to busy trying to kiss her ass. Being nice is fine, but its not a personality or demonstration of value.

The online dating coach can help you meet and attract women defines and provides you a step by step blueprint for this protocol.

Constantly executing and practicing it is up to you and is the best dating advice.