How To Blend Your Weaves With Your Natural Hair Perfectly?

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It is undoubted that weaves are all the rage among women nowadays. It is one of the best methods to add versatility and give you a more realistic look. But, how to make weave look natural on your real hair? Below are some tips that sound helpful to you! 

  •  Choose the right texture


The texture is the priority criterion to consider before you decide to purchase a weave since an unsuitable texture of the weave can destroy your look completely. The weave having the same texture with your hair will give an illusion that it is growing from your scalp. 


  • Opt for Hair Material


On the market nowadays, there are two types of hair material: synthetic and human hair. If you want to achieve the most realistic look, it is better to choose human hair weaves, especially those made from Remy and Virgin human hair. Human hair extensions look exactly your real hair and give you a very natural experience. The hair is so soft, smooth and strong, which makes it easier to care for. 

You can buy high-quality human hair weaves of Beequeenhair, one of the most prestigious hair extensions companies. Their products made from 100 % Remy and Virgin human hair of Vietnamese women will definitely satisfy you. 


  • Control the edge 


Make sure that you make the hairline sleek and smooth because this can give your hair a more professional and polished look. In addition, it can help to hide the tracks that are placed around your head perimeter. 


  • Condition the hair


When you install weaves, there should be the leave outs. They are the hair that is left out to conceal the tracks of a sewing-in in order to blend seamlessly with the extensions. There is no choice for you but to condition the hair regularly for some reasons. It not only helps to prevent the hair from breakages and dryness but also makes the hair look best longer. 

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I have shared you some tips that I often do when applying weaves. Hope that it is also helpful to you.