Five Effective Rug Cleaning Tips

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Rugs are an important part of our times and you need to take a special care for cleaning rugs.

Rugs are an elegant inclusion to your home and their importance can not be neglected. If you have rugs at your home, it is certain that they are likely to get dirty and stained. In the last few years the demand of rug cleaning in Westfield has increased and now more people are looking for such services.

It doesn’t matter what type of rug you have at your home but looking at the current environment it is almost impossible to keep your rug new and glowing all the time. The area rug cleaning in Westfield has discovered that biggest problem with rugs is their lack of care.

The rugs can be stained because of many reasons like food, beverages, mud stains, debris, dirt and dust. These materials can make your rugs dirty and ugly. The biggest question is that what should you do when your rug become stained? Some stains are hard to be removed, while some stains are easy to remove depending on the material of he rug. 

Here are five effective tips that will guide you through the process of cleaning your rugs.

First, whenever you notice any stains on your rugs, use vacuum cleaner as quickly as possible. Vacuum cleaner is effective in removing dry stains from the rug. If the stain is because of debris or other dusts, best is to use vacuum cleaner. If stains are not removed, repeat it for several times. But, if stain exists, you will have to go for the next step.

Secondly, the fringes rug are not what have to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. You can use a knife or bare fingers to remove loose stains from the rug. You should not directly use vacuum cleaner on fringes because they are external fabrics and can cause malfunctioning to the vacuum cleaner. Anyways, if any part of the stain is left, you can still pluck them out using your fingers.

Thirdly, use a shampoo on the rug but make sure you only use a shampoo which is meant specifically for rug cleaning lining and not an ordinary shampoo which we use for washing our hairs. The regular shampoos are made up of certain chemicals that might damage the synthetic rugs hence should be avoided. Start by spreading shampoo or liquid detergent on the stained part of the rug and keep it rubbing until it creates enough foam.

Fourthly, once done with the shampooing, the next thing to take care of is to wash out the wet part of the rug and dry it up. Make sure that the drying process does not take longer than twelve hours. If it takes longer, chances are that the color of your the pricey rug will become faded.

Beside them, there is also a suggestion. If you want to keep your rug new and glossy make sure to wash it as soon as possible after you notice stains. Many times we the homeowners don’t give enough importance to the stains until they become dark and rigid. Keeping stains intact for a long time on the rug will make the fabrics absorb the stains and make a permanent mark in the rug which can not be removed at home and you have to take the hef a professional rug cleaning besides.