Complement Your Stay in a Hotel with an Adult (outcall) Massage

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When we travel, whether for business, visiting a family member or for tourism, we usually stay at a hotel.

Enjoy hotels that offer adult massages

We seek that this has all the amenities such as good rooms, comfortable beds, bathroom, television, internet connection, etc., but it can also be complemented with additional services such as erotic massages, so that the stay stops being boring and becomes an unforgettable experience. Basically, if you are staying in a London hotel, you can book an erotic adult massage to visit you in your hotel room.

It should be clarified that erotic massages are not the same as sexual services, although they may be included. Erotic massages are stimulations of the skin, muscles, joints, and senses, using all parts of the body, even reaching levels of pleasure that reach orgasm.

On this last point, it is important to highlight that erotic massages allow us to discover our own bodies to improve our sex life. Many times, laziness, our attitude or the bad habit of taking the couple’s feelings for granted, makes our sex life routine.

Some singles and even couples limit themselves to the act of penetration, ceasing to experience wonderful sensations. Thanks to erotic adult massages we managed to discover erogenous areas of our body that had been forgotten.

But in addition, erotic massages generate great therapeutic and health benefits, as they stimulate the production of endorphins and other hormones that repair neuronal and muscle damage, in addition to producing a feeling of well-being.

Types of erotic adult massages

There is not a single type of erotic massage, but many, even some are derived from other massages that mostly come from the East. Some of the most outstanding and requested erotic massages in hotel stays are:

Nuru massage

This is an Erotic Massage London of Japanese origin that is applied between couples with the help of a special oil called Nuru. The Nuru massage is the specialty of several professional erotic massages.

In this type of massage there is total contact between both bodies, rubbing gently but without penetration. The advantage of this technique is that couples know each other even more to enjoy a unique sexual experience.

Four hand massages

It consists of the application of a massage carried out by two people in order to activate the whole body in a single session.

The experience is unique since we are accustomed to receiving massages from a single person (two hands), so the body is stimulated twice when there are four hands that caress the skin.

A bit of scented oil, some scented incense, and some relaxing music put the perfect complement to this type of massage.

Tantric massage

This is a massage intended to arouse unknown sexual sensations and enhance existing ones. It is called that because it comes from “tantra”, a holistic experience of Buddhist roots that helps people become more aware of their bodies.

Tantric massage is applied with some warm oil and there is no established methodology, but the masseuse stimulates the seven chakras, presses on certain parts of the body, alternates with gentle caresses and subtly stimulates the genital organs (without masturbation).

Incalls Vs Outcall Massages

There are two basic ways, hiring a professional masseuse specialized in erotic massages can meet you.

  1. Incall massage — you visit the masseuse in the private residence or at a massage parlor
  2. Outcall massage — sometimes called hotel visiting massage, mobile massage, outcall massage means the masseuse comes to visit you at your hotel or even your private residence. She brings everything she needs with her, candles, oil, music and of course, herself and her tantric touches! You just need to have some towels and a shower for after.

If you want to spice up and take advantage of a stay in a hotel you can receive erotic massage sessions by professionals in the comfort of your apartment or hotel. This way you get to relax and not have any stress of finding the masseuse in what may be a new and unfamiliar area, she comes to you.

For any hotel, it is possible to hire the services of an erotic professional massage therapist to visit your room. The booking agency will guide you through what to do if there are any access limitations like door staff or key cards. They will almost 100% have already visited the hotel before and may well know the staff (concierge). Adult massages at London hotels are far more common than new guests realize. So, go ahead and treat yourself.