How to Create an Awesome Terrace Garden

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How to Create an Awesome Terrace Garden

These days, urban areas are all about apartments and flats since they can occupy more people in less space. Thanks to the busy city life, people have now started moving away from nature and rarely do we come across a balcony full of greens and blooms. Waking upto the scent of fresh flowers and healthy leaves is a forgotten luxury now.

If you are living in a house or apartment with no yard and you want to stay close to nature, terrace gardens are for you. It is the best solution for re-establishing your bond with the nature. It would not only let you grow your own flowers and trees but is also a great way of cultivating vegetables. A terrace garden beautifies your space while relieving anxiety and stress. It also keeps you closer to nature and provides fresh air needed for a better health. By cultivating vegetables in your garden, you will get organic, fresh and delicious vegetables with high nutritional value.

In case you are wondering how to go about it, here is a guide through which you can create an amazing terrace garden for yourself. But firstly, let’s look at why you need a terrace garden in your life.

Planning the Layout

You need to be very careful while planning the placement and arrangement of pots. Since normal gardens have the advantage of space over the terrace gardens, you need to keep in mind the space constraints and work accordingly. Check regions that receive sunlight more than the shaded areas.

Starting Up

Firstly, you need to make sure your building is strong enough to take the extra weight of the plants. If you want to cover the whole terrace area with soil, your roof slab must have a sound waterproofing to avoid leakages. The vegetation needs to properly absorb nutrients and water to grow. Make sure the soil is porous to allow water drainage and air movement.

You need to get a drainage layer since water logging hinders the plant growth. You need to place a drainage layer over the insulation layer. Then, for keeping the soil layer separated from the drainage layer, put a layer of geo-textile filter. This is needed for preventing drain blockage. Now, place the soil mixture for the growing vegetation. In case you don’t have the modern materials, you can lay a bed of sand and burnt coal with some perforated pipes.

Plant and Soil Selection

The best part about creating your own terrace garden is selecting the plants. There is a never-ending array of plants you can go for but fiber-rooted plants are recommended more than the deep-rooted ones since the latter take up more weight due to soil depth.  Make your selection on the basis of the amount of sunlight your roof gets. Place the plants that need less sunlight in the shaded regions. The non-shaded areas should be reserved for the plants that need less sunlight. You can buy flowers and plants from a nursery or order them online.

You need to go for the soil that is perfect for your plants. Different plants grow in different soil types. In case you want to cover the entire roof, select a soil in which all your selected plants can grow properly.

Bringing Everything Together

After buying the needed plants, soil and the containers, start assembling them and gardening. Begin by planting the seeds in your lawn or pots and don’t forget to water them regularly. To make your terrace garden prettier, you can add in cute furniture and decoration. For adding to the calming ambience, you can buy flowers from Bloomsvilla to make it aesthetically more pleasing. This site has an amazing collection of flowers and bouquets. You can even use it to send flowers to Mumbai, Delhi and various other Indian cities.

With these easy steps, your terrace garden is all set to make your space look fabulous. It is highly recommended that initially, you grow few plants before increasing the number as per your requirement. Terrace gardens are not everyone’s cup of tea. They need proper care and maintenance. It is a serious responsibility and demands your sincere attention. You must not only water your plants but also save them from worms and pests.

If you have a loved one or acquaintance who is planning to make a terrace garden of their own, surprise them by sending them fresh flowers or plants. You can even send Valentine Day roses by using various services for Valentine Day flower delivery to your lover. This would make them happy and bring in more fragrance to their terrace garden.