Time-Saving Tips for Your Small Business

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In case you’re a first-time business owner and you could benefit from some tried and tested tips and tricks of the trade. Let’s go over several effective ways to become better at time management as soon as today!

Running a small business is actually no small endeavor. In addition to requiring ample knowledge, a diverse skill set, and the nerves of a Shaolin monk, you also need to somehow manage to complete all the necessary tasks within the humble timeframe of a single day. Mentoring new employees while you’re wooing new clients and keeping in touch with the existing ones? Keeping track of expenses, greeting visitors, setting up a launch party, and writing a brief for your designers? Sure, it’s a breeze.

Still, there are ways to make this challenging, yet rewarding journey a little more time-efficient and easier on your own schedule. In case you’re a first-time business owner and you could benefit from some tried and tested tips and tricks of the trade, let’s go over several effective ways to become better at time management as soon as today.

Consider outsourcing to freelancers

Leaders delegate. This might be a difficult concept to grasp if you feel strongly about each and every menial task that happens under your roof, and while the passion you feel is commendable, you need to think about the future. If you’re in it for the long haul, and let’s assume that you are and that you strive to turn your brand into a long-lasting entity in the market, you need to start eliminating responsibilities from your own to-do list one by one. Enter: freelancers.

Knowing that you likely cannot afford to hire an entire staff of people for each and every task in your business, the modern market has seen to it that you have a way of resolving this problem in a time and cost-effective way. Working with trusted freelancers has become a norm for modern brands to delegate their less crucial operational tasks. Content writing, web development, bookkeeping, and a slew of other responsibilities can be assigned to a freelancer of your choice. You’ll suddenly find yourself with much more free time on your hands, and with more energy to handle the actual management of your company.

Look into software solutions

Technology has become an integral part of our existence. We use it every day to communicate, track our fitness goals, and you’re reading this very article with the help of the internet and that brilliant device of yours, be it a phone, a tablet, or a computer. We now even have smart home systems to keep everything connected and to make sure that we’re safe. So, why not use the very same perks to speed up certain processes in your company?

Here’s an example: if you receive many visitors during the day, you can automate and connect the process with the help of an integrated visitor management system that can notify you via email whenever you have a visitor. Another benefit of leaving this process to software is that you’ll have data and insights of value to understand when you have more visitors, and a source of data in case of an emergency to have a headcount and make sure everyone is safe. This is a great way to eliminate human error and cut costs at the same time.

Automate various procedures

There are other efficient ways you can automate certain aspects of your business to help you with those day-to-day obligations. If you’re running your business on a very tight budget and you’re still in those first stages of developing your customer base, you cannot afford an entire team of social media and marketing experts to handle all of your tasks. While you can and should delegate some to your freelancers, others can be automated with free tools and apps you can download and use anywhere.

For example, you can automate social posting with the help of a scheduling app, you can automate email campaigns, as well as your invoicing and bookkeeping. You can also use project management platforms that will enable you to work from anywhere and keep track of your entire staff’s progress. This helps meet deadlines and client expectations without breaking the bank.

Get rid of distractions

When you’re juggling a business, a family perhaps, and so many other things in between, your brain is bound to look for escape in the least likely of places. You’ll find yourself scrolling through your Instagram feed for no apparent reason just to get away from that growing email list. This is a natural human tendency, but one that can cost you hours of productivity and ruin your entire day of work. That is why you need a well-developed system to eliminate or at the very least minimize distractions on a daily basis.

For instance, you can block personal social media profiles with the help of apps, and create a very detailed daily routine that will help you spend a designated amount of time on those repetitive tasks such as email correspondence. If you, for example, spend two hours in the morning responding to emails, and then stop all incoming notifications to focus on other tasks, you’ll likely find yourself done with work a couple of hours early.


Every business owner has to find what works best for them and their business in order to succeed. However, some strategies such as these have stood the test of time, and you can use them to manage your company more effectively and to save time for more relevant experiences.

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