How to erase miscellaneous or other files in Xiaomi Phones?

Users who didn’t know more about the miscellaneous data can use MI’s in-built cleaner or any other third party cleaner app to free up space in their Xiaomi device.

This is the time of HD, where everything is in high definition quality. Videos, music, movies, as well as images all, are all available in HD quality. A single HD picture occupies a few MB of space in the storage. So, low storage is a common issue in smart phones. Although the Xiaomi phones have good storage capacity if you’re running out of the storage, then you can erase the miscellaneous files from your to get some free space. Here’s how.

Clearing the data from the Settings

 Users who didn’t know more about the miscellaneous data can use MI’s in-built cleaner or any other third party cleaner app to free up space in their Xiaomi device.

To remove the miscellaneous data from the settings, follow these steps:

 Open the ‘Settings’ of your MI phone.

  1. Scroll down and touch on ‘Storage/Storage USB.’
  2. Touch on ‘Other.’ A pop-up message prompts on the screen.
  3. Check the pop-up message and touch on ‘EXPLORE.’ This opens the file manager of your MI device.
  4. Look for the folder you want that you don’t need.
  5. Touch the folder you want to delete the files from.
  6. Now, touch and hold the files you want to select for deleting.
  7. Scroll and touch on more files to select them.
  8. Make sure you’ve chosen the unnecessary files.
  9. Now, touch on the ‘Delete’ icon at the top to begin the deleting process.
  10. Touch on ‘OK’ on the confirmation message.

The miscellaneous files you’ve chosen will be erased from your MI phone.

Using Xiaomi’s integrated app (MIUI Cleaner)

For a smoother experience, MI provides an in-built app that helps to maintain the storage space. Users can use this app to clear the unnecessary data and manage the space in their device. This application identifies and erases the useless data automatically without removing any critical files. You can access this feature from the Security app. Here you’ll see a ‘Clean up’ button at the bottom, tapping on it will display the unnecessary data with details. If you find the information correct, then you can touch the confirming clean button to erase all the suggested data.

Using Third-Party app (Clean Master)

 Clean Master is a free app that comes in very handy. It also provides you to manage the apps and storage of your Xiaomi device. You can uninstall and even create backups of your apps right from this app. The app is not limited to MI phones. You can download it on any Android phone for free from the Play Store.

To download the Clean Master on your device:

 Type ‘Clean Master’ in the search field of the Play Store.

  1. Select the ‘Clean Master’ app by Cheetah Mobile from the result. The app has a paintbrush icon.
  2. Hit the ‘Install’ button to start downloading the app.
  3. Allow permission to download the app in your device.

To erase miscellaneous files from your Xiaomi Phone using Clean Master:

 Open the ‘Clean Master’ app. If you’re to the Play Store, then tap the ‘OPEN’ button that appears after downloading. Alternatively, you can open the Clean Master by tapping on its icon.

  1. Tap on ‘Start’ button.
  2. Then tap on ‘Clean Now’ button. It will start searching for the junk files in your device and show you all the unneeded files with file size.
  3. Scroll through the resultant junk files to view all the files. You can deselect the data that you don’t want to delete.
  4. Just, tap on the file that wants to keep and make sure to remove the check marks from it.
  5. And lastly, tap on ‘Clean Junk’ button at the bottom.

This removes all the selected junk data from your Xiaomi phone. Moreover, it helps you free up a considerable amount of storage space.

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