Main types of cartons for packaging of custom cereal boxes

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Choosing the right packaging for your custom cereal boxes can be a complex process. From folding cartons to rigid boxes to corrugated, there are different types of packaging cartons available. Determine your product needs to make the right decision.

Cereals have become a common breakfast item, especially for the health-conscious people. Children also love different flavors of cereals as their evening snack. What we want to says is the demand for this favorite food item is increasing which has made the competition tough. Every brand works hard to provide a high-quality product but what makes them lack behind is the packaging. Custom cereal boxes can make or break your name in the market. If you do a little work on packaging, you can easily stand out in the crowd.

With the changing packaging needs, brands have come up with a unique and creative design in cereal boxes. You can see different colorful boxes on the shelves with high-quality print and graphics. But the mistake which most brands make is the wrong box choice. A surprising thing is that the brands usually consider it as a mistake. When selling your product in the market, it is important to differentiate the different types of packaging boxes and what suits your product. Making one wrong decision can lead to horrible results.

Some main types of packaging boxes for cereals

There are many types of cartons available in the market for packaging purposes. It seems impossible to discuss all in one short blog. But the amazing thing is that all of them have three main categories. So, it is good to discuss the main types first.

Folding cartons are the perfect packaging

The most used type of packaging boxes is folding cartons. You can get them in your desired shape and size. These boxes are usually made of cardboard but you can also get them in your choice of material. These are the usual boxes that you see in retail stores. Some of the key elements which make them best for cereal packaging are.

  • It ensures the product protection through its durable material
  • You can cut, crease and structure into several shapes
  • Folding cartons are eco-friendly and trusted
  • Through color and design, you can create visual interest

The only problem with folding boxes is that they are not suitable for long-distance shipping. These are not the best option for fragile items but can work for cereals.

Rigid boxes ensure complete protection

Rigid boxes are specially designed to present and protect your product. When we say the word rigid, the first thing comes to mind is the strength. The boxes provide good coverage against impact and stress. If you don't want to take the risk of any mishap, you must choose rigid boxes for your cereal packaging. If you want to have more effectiveness, you can increase the thickness by choosing double layers. The boxes will not deform or bend easily and will get on shelves in perfect condition. Another amazing thing about the packaging is that it provides a longer shelf life and offer long-lasting printing. But for shipping purposes, it is still better to use corrugated boxes.

Corrugated boxes are best for shipping

Corrugated boxes are highly durable and the best shipping option. It offers the best solution against any damage. You can blindly trust corrugated boxes for the safe delivery of your products. Your cereals will remain intact until it reaches in the customer's hand and even after it. You can easily afford the corrugated packaging and can also get the boxes in wholesale. Another plus point is you don't have to spend on the inner packaging. These are light in weight and offer easy handling. These are a little bit expensive than cardboard boxes but it worth investing. If you want to make a lasting impression on customers, you must choose corrugated boxes for custom cereal box packaging.

Boxes are available in different layers

No matter what box you will choose, you can have them in different thicknesses. All boxes are not the same, they vary in layering. The strength of the box usually depends on layers. Folding cartons usually comes in a single layering and when it comes to the durability they fall it last place. But it still ensures the protection for your cereals. Rigid boxes come in single and double layers. You can choose the thickness depending on your product needs. These are more durable than folding but less than corrugated. For corrugated boxes, it varies in three layers. The box you will choose mostly depends on your budget and least on the product requirements.

What box you choose mostly depends on your product needs. If you choose the wrong box, the worst can happen is that it could damage the product. The above guide will also work for other food items like custom popcorn boxes. If it is hard for you to make the choice, you can get expert advice from custom packaging pro.