The most surprising result of the Madden 20 coins

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The most surprising result of the Madden 20 coins week came thanks to this New York Jets. Robby Anderson was one of the happiest Jets after the match thanks to the return of the QB, Sam Darnold. His targets were seen by anderson in a game because Darnold caught a season best five catches, and was QB.

His touchdown decisively swung the game in the Jets' favor and might signal Anderson's breakout. The 49ers defense reminded of what this group was seven years back with a bullying of the Los Angeles Rams, everyone, and Arik Armstead had a huge role to play. Fumble recovery and his six total tackles show how impactful he was from end, although he may have just had a sack. The battle couldn't be won by the Rams at the line of scrimmage and jared Goff was under continuous pressure and Armstead's functionality proved to be a part of that.

Very few eyes were drawn to the cheap Mut 20 coins Washington Redskins' narrow win against the Miami Dolphins, but attention should be paid by people to McLaurin. The pick has been among the few bright areas of the Redskins' season and Sunday was just a continuation. His route is excellent and it made him open for 100-yards, four catches and 2 touchdowns.

We called Bush would make the TOTW last week, but he outdid himself. Bush made seven total tackles, but more importantly came up with a fumble return for a touchdown and an interception in the first half. Bush was instrumental at the Chargers' struggles and continues to grow into a player that is really impactful.