Various weapons in World of Warcraft

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The 7.0 version also has a new class of weapons due to the addition of the Demon Hunter. Do you know if it will join other major weapons after the Blizzard?

Various weapons in World of Warcraft



I have to say that there are quite a lot of weapons in World of Warcraft! Of course, the weapons that can be held by different professions are also different. The warrior is undoubtedly the biggest winner, except that the wand can be used; in contrast, the armor profession can always take fewer weapons. Over the years, the various weapons have also been changing!


Earth Age to WLK version


From the Earth era to the WLK version, players have to go to the trainers of each main city to learn the corresponding weapons. On the other hand, weapon skills need to be practiced slowly, otherwise it will affect your own damage. As mentioned above, many players choose to play the warrior is to value any weapon other than the wand, to know that the amount of early weapons is relatively small. Like a priest can not take a one-handed sword is a big tragedy, at least not with the wind sword.


Presumably, many players will always miss the days when the legal profession continued to lose their wands, and the shamans, druids, and paladins naturally looked awkward because they did not have long-range weapons. It must be said that the early weapon classification design still has a lot of imperfections, such as thieves, soldiers and hunters to grab long-range weapons seems to be a bit unreasonable.

After the CTM version


In the CTM version, Blizzard made a drastic reform, players no longer need to go to the trainer to learn weapons, and the corresponding weapon skills practice was also removed. By the time of the MOP version, Blizzard was further simplified. Fortunately, even the remote weapons were removed. After all, this is a bit too rude. From then on, there is no longer any need to worry that the hunter's weapon will be robbed, and the shaman does not need to acquire those less holy objects and gods.


Not only that, but the variety of weapons dropped in the copy is also increasing. It can be said that everything is simplified, and the design of weapon classification has become more and more marginalized. WOW Classic Boosting may help players to counter powerful enemies!


Impact on the player


Like a shaman can not take a one-handed sword, the Paladin can not take a dagger, etc. For many players is still not very happy, many players have already pointed out that fortunately directly cancel this weapon classification. Of course, from the perspective of illusion, different types of weapons still have different visual effects. The 7.0 version also has a new class of weapons due to the addition of the Demon Hunter. Do you know if it will join other major weapons after the Blizzard?


The weapon system is simpler and more convenient for new players, but many old players obviously feel that it is a pleasure to practice slowly. Moreover, in version 7.0, players have to accompany their talented artifacts for a long time, that is to say, the meaning of this weapon classification has become even smaller, and the weapons of many characters can be transformed into each other, then its existence How much is the value of it? The cheap World of Warcraft gold sold now can help players exchange better equipment. If you want to get these good equipment, then come buy gold. !