About Penerjemah Tersumpah & Penerjemah Biasa

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Apa itu penerjemah tersumpah? Dan apa bedanya dengan penerjemah biasa.

The term Penerjemah Tersumpah may not be familiar to the public. Who is the penerjemah tersumpah. What is the difference between a penerjemah tersumpah and a translator who is not sworn / a penerjemah biasa?


Penerjemah Tersumpah is those translators who have passed the qualifying translator swear exam. This swearing translator exam was organized by the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, University of Indonesia together with the DKI Jakarta government. Translators who pass are translators with an A (value 80 and above). The translator who passes will be sworn in by the Governor by giving a Decree as a sworn translator. With the decree owned by the translators, they can officially practice as penerjemah tersumpah.


Penerjemah Tersumpah has the specification of the translated document, which is legal documents. Penerjemah Tersumpah translate documents according to the source text. The translation results are legally recognized. So that the legality is recognized because the translation does not deviate from the original. These documents include: diplomas, value transcripts, student report cards, learning outcomes reports, student grades, Graduated letters, SKHUN, Birth certificates, Divorce Acts, Company Establishment Deeds, Divorce Deed, Marriage Certificate, Marriage Book, Marriage Certificate , Certificate of Not Married, Health Certificate, Doctor's Certificate, Certificate, Court Letter, Decision Letter, Agreement Letter, Contract Letter, Family Card, ID Card, Skck, Passport, and others. These documents are usually translated for purposes with abroad, for example: educational scholarships abroad, work, immigration, or business needs with foreign parties.


The translation by the penerjemah tersumpah is stamped and signed. Penerjemah Tersumpah usually register their signatures or stamp on embassies in Jakarta to make it easier for the embassy to validate the translation results through the stamp and signature that has been registered. This will make it easier for users of translation services.


Thus the difference between a Penerjemah Tersumpah and a Penerjemah Biasa is in the legality aspect of the translated document. The results of the translation of the penerjemah tersumpah are stamped and signed by the translator, whereas the translation of the translator is normal, no. Regarding the quality of the translation of the penerjemah tersumpah is not always better than the ordinary translator. Because their differences are only in the strength of the law as a result of the translation. Many ordinary translators who have good quality do not register as penerjemah tersumpah. Documents translated by penerjemah biasa in the form of general readings or academic texts, including: abstracts, articles, international journals, publication texts, theses, theses, dissertations, thesis summaries, dissertation summaries, e-books, books, etc.