What are the Advantages of Shot Blasting?

Shot blasting machines are being used in almost every industry that uses metal, foundry, shipbuilding, automotive, construction, railways and shipbuilding industries etc.

These days, Shot blasting machines are being used in almost every industry that uses metal, foundry, shipbuilding, automotive, construction, railways and shipbuilding industries etc. Shot blasting is Machine and Method also which is used to clean, strengthen and polishing the metal surface preparation.

Now, Shot blasting Method has become a vital part of steel structure and metal building companies. It provides two major benefits which are as follows:

  • It helps to remove all rust, mill scale, and corrosion, thus eliminating moisture which is entrapped beneath these corrosion products.
  • It also provides an ideal surface finish for securing a continuous and effective bond between the steel surfaces.

Meanwhile, there are several benefits of shot blasting from removing corrosion to the Surface preparation and most importantly, it is environmentally friendly. Let’s have a look at the advantages of the shot blasting.

The Advantage of Shot Blasting:

Removing corrosion: Shot blasting helps to remove rust and corrosive materials from the surface. Meanwhile, corrosive builds include rust, chemical stains, faded paint, mill scale and heat treatment scale etc.

Surface preparation: It is the most efficient and effective process to prepare a metal surface prior to painting or coating and make them smooth.

  • A much better bond between blasted surface and the protective coating.
  • High blast pattern accuracy.
  • Increases the lifespan and the endurance of future coatings.
  • Aids in revealing any surface defects.

The environment: This is one of the best environmentally friendly options for corrosion removal and surface preparation to painting or coating.

  • No chemicals used at all
  • No acids
  • The only cleanup is physical pellets
  • The process only uses abrasion to clean the metal surface
  • Shot blasting Minimizes Operation cost, Maintenance cost
  • Shot blasting eliminates the usage of non-eco friendly and harsh chemicals
  • Shot blasting provides higher production rates, wider abrasive selection and better blast pattern accuracy
  • In this process, dust is swept away by powerful vacuum and dust collection system available in shot blasting machine.

Along with the advantages of the shot blasting machine, we also need to discuss the shot blasting technologies. Generally, there are two types of technology which can be seen as follows:


Wheel Blasting: In this tech, abrasive media is propelled on the workpiece to be blast clean, using directly converting electric motor energy into kinetic energy by rotating it through the wheel. Hence, it is an airless blasting operation because there is no use of air, liquid or gas to propel the abrasive media in the shot blasting operation.

Air Blasting: In this technology, abrasive media is propelled with the help of compressed air pressure. In the blasting chamber, the abrasive blasting pot and the dust collector and abrasive recycling system work together. From shoveling to sweeping the abrasive back into the blast pot to full reclaim floors that convey the abrasive in order to clean the surface.

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