How to resolve Gmail is not working issue?

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Gmail has an unprecedented presence in the email business today. There are so many factors that play a vital role in its success today.

As a web-based email platform, Gmail offer more reliability in terms of utility as compared to opponents. However, maintaining that reliability is kind of tough job even for the likes of Google as well. Sometimes Gmail won’t work as expected and offers poor performance due to anonymous reasons. This problem may also sneak in due to Gmail connectivity issues with the server. If you don’t know how to manage that problem effectively then the given tips can help you a lot in that regards.


Make sure that the internet is working fine

Poor internet connectivity often results in the poor execution of the website or email clients. The moment you got suspicious about the Gmail performance, check the internet connectivity in the first place. If possible, run the data speed test via the third-party website to ensure everything is fine on the connectivity front. Don’t hesitate to reach out for the ISP in case of any mishaps.


Ensure that your browser’s extensions are legit

Practically, it’s not prudent to consider extensions as the performance indicator for a website or email clients. However, when users installed some faulty add-ons on the browser, it may adversely impact the Gmail performance. Apparently, in that situation, you must look out for the corrupt extensions and uninstall them upfront to cure the problem.


Delete the browser’s cache

It’s always been a better idea to overcome the overloaded caches on the browser. Though cache plays a vital role in uplifting your browsing experience, it could transform your email client into an unproductive contender. Hence, it becomes important to delete the cache on the regular interval so that you don’t have to face such a situation again.


Connect with the reliable customer care team to avail genuine support on the email issue

This is perhaps the best approach one can follow to grab better control over this problem. However, if your Gmail account still remains inactive after all those efforts or tips, please contact Gmail customer care for additional help.