7 Reasons to Study in USA

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USA is always the widely as well as deeply desired location among youth, when they consider studying abroad to get marvellously trained and to get equipped with cutting edge skills contest in this world with underlying aplomb, in professional arena of life.

USA is always the widely as well as deeply desired location among youth, when they consider studying abroad to get marvellously trained and to get equipped with cutting edge skills contest in this world with underlying aplomb, in professional arena of life. There is a multitude of reasons for narrowing upon such a choice, such as highly civilized and friendly society, sophisticated cities characterized by state-of-art infrastructure which power higher standard of living and working, immensely progressive economic framework with deeply international touch, supreme tech enabled scenario, high paying jobs with heart-felt admiration to real-time skill and talent as well as to passion that shape such unmatched qualities in a person gifted with extra-ordinary intellect. Let us consider these underlying reasons, one by one:

  • Degrees And Certificates Enjoy Immense Recognition Globally:

After one finishes his course under his study in USA plan, his or her academic certificates are hailed across the world, actually, which are under special focus by world renowned corporate whose activities are spread beyond continents.

USA as the land of dreams, being the largest and the most progressive economy in the world, with the current GDP standing at 0000 billion dollars, invest heavily in education and training while also giving their hearts out towards cutting-edge research and innovation. There are present over 5000 top-notch colleges and universities who offer almost similar number of different courses under a variety of fields. Beyond this, US is hailed to be the home of, say 50% of world’s best colleges and training institutions and one can easily verify this fact through web here.

Then, on scores of grounds pertaining to academic excellence, their universities emerge onto the fore-front.   

  • Unique Research And innovation Oriented Approach To Training:

In line with the above mentioned point, infrastructure has been invested heavily to facilitate research which leads students to brainstorm new ideas and to evolve into more skilful, proficient and job-ready candidates while taking keen interest in studies and by being devoted fully. Over the past decades, USA has struggled hard to bring numerous universities among top 50 centres of academic excellence, such as Yale University, Harvard University, Stanford University, Columbia University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, King’s College New York and so forth. Beside, as USA turns out to be the land of highest number if start-ups and with new corporate mergers taking place, one can easily locate a premium job placement after completing studies, as such companies will value the graduates of top-notch universities of their turf.

In other words, a typical educational and training framework is strategically crafted in America, so as to enable deep-learning among students and to ignite their interest so that after 4-5 years down the line, they may emerge as polished innovators on their own, through intrinsic research  and devoted study and this is what willingly done from the US government.

  • A Whole Gamut Of Courses To Choose From:

Whatever field one longs for and for whichever domain, here is a course for it in US, which is offered at various levels like certificate program, diploma, foundation program, associate degree, bachelor, post graduate, PhD and Doctorate. Then, the subject list is massive too, such as Accounting, Medicine, Law, Computer Science, Engineering, Architecture, Fashion Design, Psychology, Bio-technology, Botany, Zoology etc. But then, there are some specific skills training too, for which relevant certification are granted.

4). Get Employment Effortlessly:  

Once a person is trained in US and earns a degree and/ or a certification from a reputed US based university or college, he becomes entitled to claim his employment anywhere around the world, but with an underlying eloquence and sheen highlighting that he is trained in America’s prestigious academic institute which is among the world’s best centres of excellence. This is mainly because that US based universities enjoy a towering recognition globally and the chances of getting a sparkling breakthrough rise manifolds.

Even while one pursues a course, the college / university authorities allow him to pick up a petty job anywhere around the campus and he can easily make $15 /hour by working this way, while a fixed window of just 20 hours a week is there from college administration, which may vary from one university to another but students can earn a good sum just to meet the petty expenses and to put less burden on parents back home. Besides, there is the provision of CPT also, which stands for Curricular Practical Training, under which one can become proficient in the topics which he has studied or which he studies currently.

Further in the line, any overseas student can seek one year OPT (Optional Practical Training) and STEM. In fact, the maximum duration is of 36 months which a student can enjoy OPT for.

5). Scholarship Opportunities Maximize:

In order to make way for brighter minds, universities in US have initiated scores of scholarship programs. Further, even the deserving candidates can get scholarships easily from higher academic institutions and for such a purpose, scores of programs are started such as Berkeley International Student Scholarship, Cappen Americal Scholarships, Fulbright Foreign Student Program, Annual GC Trader Scholarship, AVVO Scholarship Program and so many more. Clearly the idea is to encourage easy attraction of talent to the end destination.

In such an effort, among the prominent universities which award such scholarships, they include Clark University, Amherst College, and Dartmouth, Concordia, Wesleyan University and so many others.

6). Some US Cities Are Dream Cities:

There are some cities in America’s United States which enjoy a global recognition in terms of social advancement and superior infrastructure which power sophisticated civil system and then, such is indeed the most advanced country to initiate higher education. No doubt, to cross higher marks in one’s career by cherishing lofty goals, is truly a matter of one’s own hard work, efforts and motivation but then, the higher education arrangement has been immense there. Among the youth, some of the widely preferred cities are:

  • Boston,
  • New York,
  • Los Angeles,
  • San Francisco,
  • Chicago,
  • Washington DC,
  • Philadelphia,
  • San Diego and so forth.

7). A Badge of Honour for A Lifetime:

On completion of study in any course and at any US university and then, by spending some years working in some company on American turf, an added prestige is there which is unparalleled and irrevocable and which continues for a lifetime, with a person, wherever he goes, whatever he does, a type of assured excellence is felt through his professional accomplishments. Moreover, one becomes an alumnus of a prestigious academic institution which is again a matter of immense glory to oneself as well as to others around him. There are, as such, a plenty of reasons why study in Abroad option is always widely cherished among youngsters and such a dream is immensely nurtured.  

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