Laundry and Dry-cleaning services in India

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Our forte is managing your clothing, so we have created methods and a wash procedure to ensure your garments are delicately cleaned, stains are taken off, and your garments have come back to you in flawless condition.

Washing and drying clothes is one of the biggest problem these days, especially when you are living far away from your loving mothers. Being a bachelor, you may face different issues like cooking, house cleaning, etc. But washing clothes is one of the difficult things to do these days. To give an end to all your problems, we are here with the washing solution. Now imagine if you are visiting your office in dirty or not so clean clothes, then it will definitely make a bad impression on others — we at DhobiLite serving people from washing to ironing all the services under one roof in the nominal process.

Why choose us?

We at DhobiLite take care of all the requirements and needs of our clients. We are dedicated to taking care of the client's garments or clothes gently. Before washing clothes, we collect all types of information from the clients about clothes like when they need them, which garment leaves the colour while washing, which they don’t want to iron, which garment are sensitive and many more. These details are important to us to take care of their garments as their mothers do.

DhobiLite did the market research before quoting a price to the customers because we know it is hard to earn money. We always ask for genuine rates from the clients so that they never feel that they are being overcharged. Our professionals are completely trained, and they know how to handle the fabric. All the professionals have complete knowledge about the different fabrics so that they wash them with care.

Why prefer Laundry and Dry-cleaning service?

There are many advantages to outsource your clothing to an expert clothing company, for example, Laundry Care; anyway here are the main five advantages of picking us for your clothing care company:

Moderateness. Clothing Care charges just some amount every week for 1 full estimated pack of clothing, which is what might be compared to 2 huge clothing loads. This additionally incorporates free get, collapsing, and conveyance!

Accommodation. Clothing Care will set a week by week plan for you and will just get and drop off your clothing. This totally expels the time and bother related to doing your own clothing.

Speed. We get your clothing and return it to you inside 48 hours. That is speedier than most neighborhood cleaners, and we charge a small amount of the expense!

Cost. When you include the expense of acquiring an amazing washer and dryer, the expense of running your washer and dryer, the expense of clothing cleanser, and the expense of your opportunity to do the clothing, in pretty much every circumstance you end up monetarily ahead by picking a clothing company to deal with your clothing for you.