top 5 zombies games

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best unblocked games at school,work or even at school

unblocked games have recently become very popular. one of the best games categories is zombies games ,About them came a lot of movies. Naturally, they did not bypass the games either. But here I will describe the best projects about the walking dead.

today we present best 5 zombies games

5 .Dead Island

Techland - developers of the Call of Juarez series, in 2011 they released an action movie with RPG elements about zombies - Dead Island. The game took place on the fictional resort island of Bana. After a noisy party, the main character wakes up in his room and sees that instead of visitors and staff at the hotel hungry zombies are reeling. As a matter of fact, the hero is immune to the disease. The game is an action in an open world with elements of RPG. We travel around the island, perform the tasks of the survivors, kill the walking. The hardcore game itself. One zombie can cause a lot of problems, and a whole crowd will kill you in a minute. Now in the development of Dead Island 2. The release is to be held in the spring of 2016, but for now, just waiting.

4. Dead Rising 3

What will happen if an auto mechanic is put in a garage surrounded by a zombie and give him a bunch of trash, a lot of weapons and tools? The fun will begin. The game about zombies will not surprise anyone. But Capcom could do this by adding a lot of zombies to Dead Rising 3. I mean VERY many zombies. There may be hundreds of them on every street. Unlike Dead Island, zombies in the game will not cause a lot of problems. On the contrary, to exterminate walking in the game is even fun. Dead Rising offers the most unusual and funny methods of the massacre of the undead. For example, if you combine a teddy bear and a machine gun, youll have Freedom Bear. Of course, to make a teddy friend, you need a drawing. If after a hard day you want to relax or let out anger on the poor dead, then welcome to Dead Rising 3.

3.The Walking Dead. Season 2. A Telltale Games Series.

Telltale Games are good at doing quests. One of the games in the studio is The Walking Dead: Season 2. The game tells the story of a girl Clementina who is trying to survive in a world captured by zombies. There are a lot of unexpected plot turns in the game, but if you played in season 1, then after the appearance of ***** you will let out a tear of happiness. In general, play on health.

2. The Last of Us.

Of course, many will disagree that "One of Us" stands in 2nd place. But there is a game about zombies that is still better. "One of Us," tells the story of Joel, a man who takes on a responsible task - to accompany the girl Ellie, who is immune to the virus. There is no open world in the game, but there are a sad and interesting story and elegant gameplay. Joel has no immunity, so its better not to enter into an open battle, but to remove those who walk quietly. Confused only exclusivity for consoles Sony. And so the game is the masterpiece.

1. Dayz

To date, DayZ is the best survival simulator in the world of the zombie apocalypse. There is no plot in the game since the game is online and focused on survival. First DayZ was a mod for ARMA 2, and later Bohemia Interactive together with the creator of the mod developed a full-fledged game. She is now in early access, and the final release is scheduled for 2016. In addition to zombies, players are threatened by natural factors: hunger, thirst, and disease. To survive alone in the game is very difficult. Other players may just kill you. Therefore, it is better to play as a team with friends.