The Difference Between Shared Hosting And VPS hosting

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Shared hosting and VPS hosting are the two most common types of web hosting solution which is used by most of the people today. Both has its own pros and cons. And both of these hosting solutions share the common features like- both services provide web hosting services to multiple users from a single server. They also have different categories and features which allows users to store their files separately from other users. Moreover both these plans are economical in terms of price when it compared to the dedicated hosting solution.


Thus it will be hard to decide which type of hosting will suits for your business/website but starting off with comparing the differences between these two hosting services can help you make an informed decision.




Most of the people prefer to go with shared hosting only because it is simple and also easy to use. Because in Share hosting you no need to have any sort of experience on Linux based system when compared to VPS hosting. But on the other hand VPS hosting will be more advantageous for those who wish to have more information about Linux systems.


One more reason why most of the people go with shared hosting is that it is very cheap when compared to VPS hosting. And users wish to get unlimited bandwidth and more storage space but what most people do not realize is that there is always a limit to it even if it has been showcased as "unlimited". So on the other hand people switch to VPS when they realize the limitation of features present in normal shared hosting.


Core Features


If you are opting for a shared hosting solution for your website then the operating system that you need to work with will depend on the service provider's choice. And the same thing will go to the services installed in your service. But if you are opting for VPS hosting then it gives you the freedom to choose the operating system of your own and it also gives you the advantage to choose over 30 Linux OS templates.



One of the biggest disadvantages of going with shared hosting is that you get pretty less security when compared to VPS. Because in shared hosting there is a possibility that a user will take advantage of the vulnerability of the operating system and gain access to other users' data as well. But using VPS hosting is more secure because VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Hence there are independent file systems allowing for safe data storage and configuration.


So here is some information about VPS hosting and its benefits:


Basically, a VPS hosting is just like a dedicated service in a shared hosting system. Technically speaking, it's both dedicated and shared hosting. And it is important to keep in mind that VPS hosting is a type of hosting service that you can host your site on. On the other hand, if you install and manage your own server, it will cost you a good deal of time and money. By contrast, buying web hosting allows you to rent some space on a server, thus making it a lot more convenient for you to host your website.

How does VPS Hosting Work?


If you know how a Virtual Box or VMware work, then you can easily understand how hosting work. Using those programs you can easily operate any number of virtual operating systems on the same powerful machine. And yes VPS server is operating system virtualization, as a VMware, this VPS hosting also works in a similar manner. Even though  there is only one physical server - you can run several virtual operating systems


Operating System Virtualization


Like a VMware, VPS hosting systems work the same way. Although the physical server is only one, several virtual operating systems can be run. And each OS will work like it has its own dedicated server. The good news is that it lets you enjoy almost all of the benefits of a powerful dedicated server. The cost will be a lot lower, though.


These are the benefits of VPS Hosting


So today if you are opting for VPS hosting, then you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of shared hosting. Not only that you will also enjoy more control and power just like you would do in case of a dedicated server.


Privacy: since you won't share your operating system with other users, your website may not be at the privacy risk.


Customization: In VPS hosting you will have exclusive access to the operating system. Thus, you can use all the server programs like MySQL, PHP and Apache, etc. It will be easier for you to customize these services. Based on your needs, you can make all the necessary changes.


Control: You may need to install new server apps and this may require you to restart the system. Whereas in VPS system it allows you to do this with ease. Although you will share the server with other servers, you can restart the server without "disturbing" other users.


Dedicated resource: One of the best part of using VPS hosting is that you can enjoy dedicated RAM at any times. Not only that on the other hand if you are using shared hosting them RAM and other resources will be shared with other websites as well.


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