When To Consult An Uro-Oncosurgeon? Do All Cancers Require Surgeries? Top Urologist & Uro-Oncologist In India

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An uro-oncosurgeon specializes in addressing the male and female cancers in the urinary tract. The uro-oncologist also treats cancers of the male reproductive organs.

An uro-oncosurgeon specializes in addressing the male and female cancers in the urinary tract. The uro-oncologist also treats cancers of the male reproductive organs. Cancers in the urinary tract are quite common with kidney and bladder cancers considered among the top ten cancers.

Depending on your symptoms and the current medical condition, the doctor might recommend MRI, PET-CT, blood reports, and more. If the doctor suspects abnormal growth in your bladder, kidneys, prostate, and other parts of the urinary tract or male reproductive organs, they will take a sample of our tissues. This is called a biopsy. The sooner you consult an uro-oncologist, the higher the chances of your fast recovery. That’s because cancer that’s diagnosed at an early stage has a high survival rate.

The symptoms of urinary tract cancer vary from person to person. Besides, the symptoms depend on where cancer starts. The common symptoms are:

  • Blood in the urine
  • The frequent urge of urination
  • Burning sensation while urinating
  • Excess lower back pain

If you notice any unusual symptoms, book an appointment with the best uro-oncologist in Navi Mumbai, India, and take the tests.

Uro-oncologists are trained and professional medical surgeons that are qualified to perform minimally-invasive or invasive surgeries to remove the cancerous tumor. They are also trained to perform chemotherapies, radiotherapies, and other medical treatments.

What does the Trained Oncologist Do?

A trained uro-oncologist suggests medical tests to detect the growth of abnormal cells in your bladder, kidneys, urinary tract, and other organs. They also perform a biopsy in which they take the sample tissue from the site of the tumor.

The biopsy helps oncologists get a better picture of the location of the tumor, where it has spread, and if it’s interfering with the regular functioning of your organs.

The doctor removes the whole tumor or a small portion - depending on the severity of the disease. The tumor is removed if the surgeon believes it can spread the cells to the whole body. They also perform reconstructive surgeries if required.

Do All Types of Urology Cancers Need Surgery?

It depends on the location of the tumor, how fast it is spreading, and which stage it is. The uro-oncologist will see the results of the biopsy to decide if you need surgery. The type of surgery also varies depending on the stage of the cancer.

The doctor might recommend minimally-invasive procedures, such as therapies and medication if it’s the first stage. They may also perform open surgery to remove the tumor.

How Long Does the Recovery Take?

The recovery from cancer depends on the type of treatment given. It may take several weeks to recover fully from the open surgery, while the minimally-invasive procedure requires only a few days for recovery. So, the total time needed for the recovery depends on the surgical procedure.

The sooner you get treatment for cancer, the faster the recovery will be. Consult a bladder cancer specialist in India and take the necessary tests to identify the underlying cause of the problem.

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