Home Schooling and Online Tutors Help: KS1 and KS2 in Slough

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It is becoming more progressive with the passing time, where parents educate their children on their own at home. Apart from the pandemic, there are many other reasons that parents prefer homeschool over the years

The idea of homeschooling is quite interesting. Due to the sudden outbreak of  the recent global pandemic and schools shutting down, parents are instead opting for homeschooling for their children as a safety precaution.

It is becoming more progressive with the passing time, where parents educate their children on their own at home. Apart from the pandemic, there are many other reasons that parents prefer homeschool over the years:

  • Some parents are constantly travelling from city to city
  • Not satisfied with the educational options available
  • Different religious or educational philosophies.
  • Children progress not improving in the traditional school structure.

Primary Supplementary Education

The primary years are the fundamental and crucial years: Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 are  a base of your child's academic career. During  these years, children need the utmost attention and the best source for their studies. Parents are already worried about all this due to the global pandemic. The studies have already been compromised. Considering the recent situation, parents are  moving towards homeschooling or private Tutoring as a permanent mode of study.  

Sometimes Parents try to take  control of everything; they believe that they can make their children study better. However, critics believe that homeschooling and lack of social interaction may lead to poor social skills in the future. Many also think that parents do not have the required skills to guide, advise and help students. Due to homeschooling, children do not interact with many people, resulting in lack of social and cultural exposure compared to being enrolled in school.  

On the other hand, some believe homeschooling is a sensible decision in between a global pandemic. They also think homeschooling has proven more beneficial as children score better in tests with no external distraction. Their social and cultural skills are equally polished as school-going children. With less peer pressure, children are more likely to be mature, confident and have a better relationship with adults.

In homeschooling, parents are in charge of all teaching materials and curriculum. They have to research and find out the teaching material from different sources. Teach them and conduct tests. In homeschooling, there is no discipline in attendance unless parents are strict and follow a plan.  

Considering all the drawbacks of homeschooling, I believe parents with concerns for their child's academic progress as well as their safety in the global pandemic; I have a better suggestion of seeking help from key stage 1 tutor slough

Let’s look at some thoughtful reasons why you should consider homeschooling or online tutoring.

An online Tutor provides a comprehensive curriculum.

A big challenge for homeschooling parents is to choose homeschooling as choosing curriculum and materials according to the year of their child. If your child is an online KS1 or KS2 tutor, they can still learn from home and the national curriculum that educators develop professionally. Whether maths, English or SATs preparation, an online tutor has all the curriculum available with no additional cost.

In an online school, teaching is the job of a certified teacher.

While homeschooling, children often take you for granted. Children do not consider the advice of constructive criticism of their parents. Praise or constructive advice about their papers. That loss of credibility is one of the factors that led me to believe that an outside educator providing feedback on the children's written work would be much better.  

An online tutor provides instruction on grading and feedback on progress. They know your child's strengths and weaknesses and work according to that.

Provide additional learning materials and resources

National Curriculum is just not enough; there should be specific additional materials to help students. Online Tutors provide supplementary material like KS1, KS2, Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 worksheets, past papers and tests.

Online Tutors offer structure and flexibility.

Online Tutors always have a plan. The lesson plans are organized and structured. Online Tutoring is an efficient use of time, allowing children to enjoy the things they love and accomplish their academic goals on a schedule that works best for them and the entire family.  

Now that you know the benefits of how Online Tutoring can help your child study in their primary years, you can find many online tutoring companies offering the most competent tutors from around the world. They offer structured lesson plans from KS1 and KS2 (years 3,4,5,6) and so on. They also provide lessons to help your child prepare for the SATs exam, providing additional materials like tests, past papers, exciting activities. Once decided you can look for many options. One of the startling findings that came across my surfing is that some of the online tutoring services are very affordable and offer a free trial as well. This way you can make a well thought choice for your child.