Thai Massage - For Healing & Wellbeing

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Traditionally, the Thai massage is done on a soft carpet instead of on a table or couch, no oil is used and you are fully dressed. Therefore, it is recommended to take off comfortable clothing.

The Thai massage is one of the oldest medicines in the world and goes back to Buddha more than 2500 years ago. Nuad Faen Boran, introduced in Thailand by an Indian doctor, is correctly translated as an ancient massage or traditional massage. Here it is more commonly known as Thai massage. The Thai massage is considered the ancient art of body therapy for health, healing and transformation.


History of Thai massage

Thai massage has been performed for centuries by monks in Southeast Asia as one of the elements of local Thai medicine. As is the case in most traditional Eastern medicine, the disease is considered to be an imbalance between mind, body and mind or "chi".  These energy lines known as Prana Nadi supply us with vital energy. The Thai massage selects ten energy lines with important acupressure points.


How does Thai Massage Work?

The Thai massage focuses on interactive manipulations and uses two main techniques. This includes a therapist who uses his arms and legs to apply gentle pressure along the energy lines and perform various passive stretching movements to manipulate your body in a series of poses.


These movements help to coordinate the energies of the body.

Traditional Thai massage is very different from traditional Best massage Greenwich, where muscles and movements of varying length and pressure are kneaded to stimulate, calm or relax. It works more with the energy body than with the physical body and is based on gentle but energetic pressure, pressure through energy points and great tension.


What are the benefits of Thai massage?

Although the Thai massage is considered more energetic than the traditional massage, the effect is unique and also relaxing.


Sometimes referred to as Thai Yoga, the Thai massage stimulates and activates the body due to the "extra stretch marks" and relieves tension and toxins of joints, muscles and connective tissue. The Thai massage has been used for many years for the treatment of degenerative diseases and to improve well-being and can be active or not very active for young and old, healthy or not very healthy.


The main advantages are:

o stimulates the internal organs

o balances the energy system of the body

o regulates the structure of the skeleton

o relieves muscle and joint tensions

o increases flexibility

Is Thai massage safe for everyone?

Thai massage is relatively safe, but not suitable for people with certain conditions such as severe back or knee injuries or pregnant women. The Thai massage is applied in a calm, meditative atmosphere and creates a space in the musculoskeletal system that opens the body and restores flexibility and freedom of movement. When the Thai massage is performed in Thailand, it is considered a spiritual exercise. To complete the massage in the required meditative mood, the session begins with a meditative prayer to fully focus the massage therapist on his work. It is believed that only a massage therapist working in a meditative mood has a sense of the energy lines in the body. 


Thai massage of the therapist's choice

To get the most out of traditional Thai massage, you need to find a suitable doctor. Thai massage is a great way to improve your overall wellbeing, and it's more popular than ever. Try a Thai massage and you'll be glad you did.