Reasons Your Students Stop Visiting Your Yoga Classes and How to Win Them Back?

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There are two main reasons why students do not return to their yoga classes.


They stop offering more than they have or offer ... so they go elsewhere to get what they want.


They never ask why they stopped visiting your studio!

Let me share this story with you

For five years, I will travel through London, from the East End of London to the West, to practice at my favourite studio. After about five years, I finally move to the West End, which is perfect for my yoga practice and a quick trip to a yoga classes London. I still like this. Some of the best teachers work in the studio, and you constantly get good practice. Despite my new location in the immediate vicinity of the studio, I was less likely to visit my beautiful studio.

The reason is simple:

  • After some time, I realized that a short meditation during the lesson was not enough.
  • Since my studio did not offer such meditation lessons, I started looking for special meditation lessons outside of my studio.
  • In short, I found what I was looking for (a deeper practice of meditation), so I no longer felt the need to return to my yoga classes.
  • But this is only part of the reason. This is the main reason!
  • No one ever contacted me from the studio, via email or asked why I suddenly stopped working at their studio!
  • Have you ever noticed that if you ask why you left, students will give you only valuable feedback? And besides, it’s very nice to know that my habits are respected.
  • Studies have shown that about 78% of customers leave because of indifference!
  • This means that the reason customers leave is not because they don’t like your service.
  • Not because they moved.
  • Not because they find the best quality of service!
  • Getting old customers is five times easier and cheaper than finding new ones.

Thanks to the automated database management system, which is now easy to manage, there are no reasons why you cannot track and measure who your customers are, customers and potential customers, and there is no reason not to treat them properly. Losing one or ten customers may or may not be a big problem, but why do you want to lose students? After all that you have spent time, money and effort to get it at all? For example, my annual budget for yoga is £ 1,000. If a studio loses 10 clients like me, it's $ 10,000 a year, expect it yourself.

This is a simple solution.

To offer more and more. Just ask what the students want and give them. If experienced practitioners desire a deeper class of meditation ... for God's sake, do it! :)


  • Get feedback on why students are no longer in your studio. It's simple!
  • Do you have a customer contact / database that does not return to your class?
  • What can you do to get these customers back? Can you offer any special incentives to return?

Welcome to old students.

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