What Services A Commercial Real Estate Broker Can Offer In Florida?

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Are you looking for exclusive commercial real estate services in the Miami area? A specialized real estate brokerage and advisory firm named Rise Realty in The South Florida area offers exclusive services in the field.

Are you looking for exclusive commercial real estate services in the Miami area? A specialized real estate brokerage and advisory firm named Rise Realty in The South Florida area offers exclusive services in the field. Because the team consists of distinguished and top-skilled leaders, you will receive the most trusted services in the Miami area. Here we detail the most common services they offer.

  1. Tenant Representation

Rise Realty represents industrial and commercial tenants in every phase of the lease and business location occupancies in the South Florida region. Their leaders have adequate knowledge about the local market trends and details. Their goal is to give expert representation for business companies to obtain lower occupancy costs in the most appropriate locations. If your lease faces expiry and needs restructuring, or if you think of expansion, this firm will offer a wide variety of tenant representation services. They will evaluate the optimal space and the square footage of the estate.

  • They will carry out the location research and analysis of the site.
  • You will get reports on comparative lease analysis.
  • They will also prepare requests for proposals to developers or owners in case of build-to-suit leases.
  • RISE Realty will also help you with space identification and selection.
  • They will review the modifications done in the design and layout.
  • Their leaders will assist in lease negotiations, restructuring, renewals, buyouts, and sub-leasing.
  • You will get the overviews on tenant improvement.
  • They will also help you with economic development incentive programs.
  1. Property Acquisition or Disposition

Managing brokers attached to Rise Realty can successfully manage the commercial real estate investments as most of them are Certified Commercial Investment Members (CCIMs). If you plan to invest in any real estate commercial in Miami, you should consult with a CCIM broker first. It will maximize your chances of getting a return on the investment.

RISE Realty serves a lot of services in property acquisition/disposition that are discussed here.

  • They will carry out the essential market research for you. They have the most current market information available. Thus, you will get to know the market trends and tricks to make the most out of the investment.
  • Along with the market study, they will also analyze the financial conditions and make valuable forecasting. These will help you to chalk out how you should proceed with your investment plans.
  • Brokers will also help you in doing detailed marketing. 
  • You will get connected to a wide range of investors and developers who can help you with your venture.
  • And finally, they will help you with deal structuring assistance and execution of plans.

What’s more?

Rise Realty’s success stands upon faith, expertise, and top-class service their brokers offer their clients. They will give you the services according to your particular requirements. Their strategy will guarantee success in getting adequate space and negotiating on the best financial terms. 


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