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PPC advertising is an online marketing tool where advertisers have to pay an amount every time their ad is clicked. Through PPC advertising one can buy visits to their websites instead of organically earning them. PPC is very beneficial for the success of a business. In this blog, we will

PPC or pay per click is an advertising model where an advertiser has to pay a publisher every time an advertising link is clicked on. It is a procedure of buying visits to your website rather than getting those visits organically. PPC is a kind of performance-based marketing and an advertiser will only pay if they get a positive result.

There are many advantages of PPC advertising. Its results are easy to measure and it works perfectly with other marketing channels as well. PPC advertising can have a major impact on the growth of a business and if you are not making use of this method then you may lose out on valuable traffic and revenue. Let’s then check out why is it so vital for the success of a business:

Reasons Why PPC is vital for any business today

1) PPC contributes to business goals

The most compelling reason for using PPC advertising is that it contributes to business goals. With the help of PPC, you can achieve a large number of business and marketing goals. These goals can range from high-level brand exposure to a lead submission. You also can easily track any kind of conversion goal with the help of PPC advertising. In this era of content marketing, PPC can bring up the middle ground of serving the middle of the sales funnels by advertising content downloads, pushing for app downloads, seeking newsletter signup, etc.

PPC can support different parts of the sales funnel. So PPC campaigns can be set up effectively irrespective of the identified goals.

2) PPC is cost-effective

PPC is cost-effective than other forms of advertising, though many people have misconceptions that PPC advertising is very costly. Many people even believe that PPC is a waste of money and so they don’t even think of using it. 

It is true that if you are not carefully investing money for PPC advertising then you can easily end up draining your budget. But if you follow these few simple tactics then you can make your PPC campaign profitable.

a) Start slowly, measure, and then grow big

It is always better to start with small PPC campaigns, and then later you can invest more money and arrange a big campaign depending on the results. In a PPC campaign, everything is measurable. You can easily measure the impression that your ads will receive, clicks the ad will get, visits to the website, and conversions. So deeply study these all before spending more money. It is better to hire professionals for setting up the PPC campaign if you are new to Ad words, Bing, and Facebook ads.

b) Use ways for lowering CPC cost

A good PPC campaign is always an optimized one and there are several methods of lowering the CPC costs, thus allowing you to achieve more with less budget. PPC is just like search engine optimization and optimization plays a major role here too.

c) Increase your budget if it is profitable

Always increase your budget for campaigns that are profitable and not for the ones that are not giving that much return. This is the golden rule of PPC management. In the initial stage, it is okay to spend on non-profitable PPC campaigns since optimization takes a long time. But in the long run, you should never invest without a positive return.

d) Learn from your competitors

Before creating any new PPC campaigns, always check what your competitors are doing. Keep checking things like how much they spend on the campaign, the actual ad copy they are using, for which keywords they are ranking, etc. Study these things well and use them for your own betterment.

e) Always spend money on keywords that generate profit

We always say that PPC is a cost-effective advertising method in comparison to other forms of advertising.

Another reason behind that is you can spend on keywords and audiences that are profitable independently, thus in a PPC campaign you will have the power to control your budget.

3) It is the fastest method to get targeted audiences 

Every online business needs traffic, but not any kind of traffic, they mainly need targeted traffic that can actually lead to more sales and revenue.SEO is the first best thing that a business can use for getting targeted traffic but it takes a lot of time to work and give results. After SEO, the next best alternative that comes to our mind for getting targeted traffic is PPC advertising. 

With Google Ads, you can easily select the keywords for which you want to show your advertisement. Your ad will be displayed on the top and bottom of Google search results. But in the case of Facebook ads, you can easily highlight your target audience depending on the various demographic characteristics that Facebook has for us.

These days there are many businesses that are making a huge profit online through the means of PPC advertising without having great organic rankings. The success of these businesses has to do with three things:

  • They are maintaining the quality of products that they are selling
  • They have highly converted landing pages
  • They have highly optimized PPC campaigns

It is fact that it is not easy to get all these right from the beginning of the business, but this is the recipe for success. SEO is also good for growing a new business but it will take months and years whereas PPC will provide you instant results.


PPC is fit for all types of businesses. PPC advertising is a proven and reliable method for companies wanting quick quality traffic and conversions. After understanding all the benefits of PPC advertising we can say that PPC is a must-use tool for all businesses and if anyone is not implementing it then he is losing out on real big opportunities for growth. A reputed PPC agency providing top-quality PPC services in India can guide you in the best possible way to set up a PPC Campaign. You can easily reach out to one such.