Here is the easy solution to TurboTax error 70001

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TurboTax is reputed tax calculation software which was developed by Intuit, a US-based software company.

TurboTax is a tax calculating program developed by the US-based software giant Intuit. Practically, TurboTax offer discreet control over various business transactions and remains subtle when it comes to the tax calculation. Being sophisticated software, TurboTax does encounter various technical issues during its life cycle and error code 70001 is one of them. In this blog, we will try to provide adequate information on this issue so that you can resolve it without any trouble.

Error 70001 is a runtime error code that occurs when TurboTax encounters a sudden performance outage. This kind of issue generally manifests itself in the form of an error message that keeps prompting on the screen until the user fixes it from its roots.

We are quite certain that after following the given methods, you will be able to fix this error with ease or else you need to rely on TurboTax Customer Service for additional support.

Method 1 - Close Programs that conflicts with TurboTax

  • Press Ctrl-Alt-Del keys at the same time to open the Task Manager. This feature will display the rundown of the software which is currently running on the system.
  • Next, explore the Processes tab and stops each and every running application by highlighting them and selecting the End process button.
  • Now that stage you need to trace out the program which is conflicting with the TurboTax application.
  • Once you locate the culprit program, move ahead and follow the next method.

Method 2 - Update the Programs that are conflicting with the TurboTax

Use the following method depending on the type of the OS you are using

Windows 7

Click the Start button on the Windows taskbar and select Control panelUninstall a program.

Windows 8

Click Start Button and select More SettingsControl panel. Next, hover to the Uninstall a program and complete the rest of the procedure.

Windows 10

Hover to the search box and enter the Control Panel in the given field. Next, you need to select Uninstall a program option to finish the program uninstallation process.

These are probably the best solutions available at this point in time and we guess you don’t encounter any trouble while utilizing them. In case if you need any assistance on error code 70001, go ahead and contact TurboTax support.