Knowing hair loss in a better way!

Knowing hair loss in a better way!

Hair loss is a very common phenomenon. It happens to everyone, all throughout life. But, it can surely be prevented if some points are kept in mind and good care is taken.

Many people are fond of styling their hair in different ways, they like to use products filled with chemicals, hair dryers, hair curlers, which eventually leads to thinning of hair.


In case you wish to have healthy hair, then follow the under mentioned steps:

Don’t do much experiment: leave your hair the way it is. Don’t experiment, with it, much. You will leave your hair damaged of you to keep coloring your hair or keep cutting them short.


Go for natural products: Always use a basic shampoo which is suited for your hair. Use products which will be less destructive to your hair follicles. The brush used for hair also should be one which is a soft one, so that your hair does not get damaged easily.


Handle your hair with care: Handle your hair properly. Avoid brushing wet hair, also while taking a head bath, avoid using hot water, else get ready to face hair fall issues. Use a good brush or comb, the combing should be done to the whole hair, and not just to the calf hair. Do gentle brushing.


Have a healthy platter: You should include healthy things in your platter. People these days do not like to eat healthy food. They are more than happy eating all the junk and instant food, hence posing a threat to their health and likewise hair. Hence choose fruits over chips, vegetables over Noodles.


Making these small changes in your lifestyle would certainly lead to more healthy hair, but just in case you do not find much difference in your hair, even by doing these things, then you might need to go for a hair transplant.

A hair transplant involves the surgeon to remove hair from your back or side of the head and then placing them where there is less hair.

The hair transplant cost in India is also not much, it depends upon some factors like who is giving you a surgery, which method has the doctor asked you to get surgery from.


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