Yet to Decide on TikTok Advertisement – Here is Something Helpful!

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Addicted to Trending TikTok Videos? Here is an enormous opportunity for advertisers to market their products and services to the young generation.

Hashtag Challenges are re-inventing the trend of advertising

The TikTok is an only platform that emerged as a boon for brands allowing them to promote their trend or cause through the branded hashtags. It allows brands (Like HIcentrik – Digital Marketing Company in Jaipur) to generate great visibility through the potential use of influential hashtags by involving user-base into similar interests. It is a part of brand takeover ads on TikTok which emphasize on promoting the brands through hashtags.  

Interesting Industry Facts on TikTok 

  • As per the current statistics, 53% of monthly downloads of TikTok comes from India. 
  • In numbers, 56 million installs were recorded which accounts for combined of apple and android devices.
  • TikTok app is present over 150 countries offering enormous community to user-driven content on its platform.  
  • TikTok is now focusing on paid ads while ensuring it as a platform for community-driven learning and social engagement.
  • Hashtags will become a powerful trend for this platform which will give more visibility to the interest-based content on the platform.