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Harvard referencing is one of the popular referencing styles. Generally, when we talk about referencing, it varies from article to article. This implies there may appear different or varied versions of referencing, depending upon the style of content. 


Referencing includes various components: author’s name, publication years, Where were they originally published?, What is the source of information? and many more components. In which journal or book or website the article was published should also be provided in the reference. Page numbers of book, volume numbers of journal, issue numbers, all these things need to be mentioned in the reference.  

We are providing below the components of Harvard referencing to provide you MBA Assignment Help:

Referencing should always be put at the end of the article that too on the different sheet. There should be an alphabetically ordering of the referencing by the author. They are to be organized and ordered well by mentioning adequate source titles. The use of articles and determiners is something unnecessary while putting Harvard referencing. Therefore, they should be excluded, but in case of many works by the author in the front have been taken help of, then they should be provided by mentioning date and letters (alphabetically ordered: a, b, c). 

To put the correct referencing style, there should be an emphasis on minute details as well, such as spacing, in-text references, double spacing. Double spacing should be provided if there is a full or blank spaced line between each text line. 

In-text references are the one which provides the referencing uniquely and effectively. They work as the assignment help provider and add value to it. 

When any quote or paraphrase had been taken from another piece of work, there comes the use of in-text references. In-text references should be provided by importing quotes or paraphrases from other sources. In Harvard referencing, in-text references should include the surname of the author, publication year, and also page number(s). To elaborate on this front, let us look at an example: taking an excerpt from the work of author Jim Butcher, this goes like this:

Butcher (2008, p. 121) states or (Butcher, 2008, p. 121) 

Here, p. indicates a single page, during pp. Indicates range of pages. 

When the sources have been two or three authors, surnames of all authors should be stated. And in the case of four or more authors, the surname of the first author should be written followed by ‘et al.’ 

When there have been many works taken of the same author and if they are of a single year. The referencing would be done by placing a letter after the year, as per the surname and source title of the author. When more than one work has to be cited in one parenthesis, there should be the use of semicolons between the references. When the same work has been taken but with different editions, then the author’s name should be provided one time only, which should be followed by dates by the use of semicolons after each date. 

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