Things You Should Know About Magnetic Vehicle Signs

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Vehicle magnets come in a variety of sizes to fit all kinds of cars. Magnet corners are often squared to 1/2" to avoid rubbing the vehicle's paint. Also, to keep the magnet from peeling off the surface at high speeds

Magnetic Signs: How to Use and Care about Them

Magnetic Vehicle Signs from are a fantastic way to improve the visibility of the business. They help spread the message about you everywhere you drive, or park and will supply you with stunning Magnetic Signs that easily suit any vehicles. Magnetic Vehicle signs not only help you advertise, but they also help you develop your brand's identity. They project a professional picture of your organization at any time. One of your representatives drives into a client's driveway, as you proudly show your post, logo, and contact details until applying the Magnetic Sign, clean and dry both the car and the Magnetic Sign. Scratching of the painted surface may be caused by dirt or dust on either the vehicle or the Magnetic Sign. Magnetic Signs have a functional life cycle of 6 to 12 months when properly washed and cared for. Here's how to make the best of your personalized car magnets.

Information on Installation

When preparing to add a car magnet, first decide what material the chosen location is made? Modern automobiles made from a wide range of body materials, but the majority of them made mainly of one or more of the following traditional material types:

  • Stainless steel.
  • The metal aluminium.
  • The material is plastic.
  • Carbon fiber is a type of material.
  • The material used is fibreglass.
  • Plastic Reinforced with Fibers (FRP).

You may want to consider using a different option, such as our personalised magnetic Car Decals.

Before installing magnetic signs, determine the appropriate positioning location, which should be smooth or mildly curved and free of ridges, moldings, and badges. The same space should be open on both the driver and passenger sides of the vehicle. Before use, the vehicle surface and the magnetic side of the sign should wash, dry, and waxed. When you're packing, follow these steps to attach the magnet to your car:

And the following preparations:

  • To get the best performance, the magnet should mount at a room temperature of 60°F or above.
  • Attach to flat, angled, or softly curved metallic surfaces.
  • Assemble the magnet so that it is almost smooth on the metal wall. Placement over protrusions (molding, decals, pinstriping, etc.) or concave areas is not recommended. There must be no bubbles of air.


Touch one edge of the magnetic sign to the vehicle surface in the target spot and slowly transfer the sign's remainder until it is magnetically locked in place. Delete your sign and repeat the process above if it is not in the correct position. If you twist the sign as it fixes to the truck, the paint will scratch.

How to Put the Sign on the Car:

Attach the Magnetic Sign to a smooth metal surface that is as flat as possible before attaching it to your vehicle. Trim, moldings, indentations, dents, ridges, and rust spots can remove from the paint.

The Magnetic vehicle Sign should mount a room temperature of 60°F (16°C) or higher for better effects.

Removing and Cleaning Your Magnetic Sign:

 Be careful not to fold or crease the corners when removing your Magnetic Sign. Lift the Magnetic Sign from the sides rather than the corners after replacing it.

Remove the car magnets regularly to ensure that they are still safely fastened to the vehicle and to clean them if possible. A mild soap and water solution can use to clean the surface of your personalized Magnetic Sign. Small smudges or streaks may remove with cleaning agents like Windex®.

Magnetic Sign Storage:

When not in service, store your Magnetic Signs in a safe, dry place. Stack your Magnetic Signs on a flat surface to keep them. It's not a good idea to stack vehicle signs with the magnetic sides touching. Store bulky things away from or on top of your magnet signs.

It is not advisable to store a magnetic sign rolled, but if you do, stand it on one end with the printed side facing out. A Magnetic Sign can never fold.

Magnetic Car Signs can store on the back and sides of file cabinets, as well as the front and sides of refrigerators.

Magnetic Car Signs should use and care for properly to prolong their life and secure the metallic surface to which they apply.