Verizon self-install kit

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Verizon FIOS offers a whole new entertainment and is set up with 100% opting fiber network. No matter what setup you are looking for, be it FIOS TV, Internet or Mobile application or even all three, due to the fiber opting network, it is easy to set up within no time. Depending on the Verizon FIOS services you have ordered, you will receive all the components or some of them. The list of components includes- Color Coded Component Cables, Power Cord, Coax Jumper Cable, Ethernet Cable (6”), Cable Card, FIOS Router Supplier, 2-Way Splitter, Cable Barrel Connector, Set-top Box, Digital Adapter Router Power Cord, FIOS TV Remote. It is imperative to understand  that you must first set up the internet before setting up the Television if you are installing both the services. However, if you are only installing the Television, then ensure to set up the router first. If you come across any issue while installation and setup and require technical assistance, then feel free to have a word with verizon support phone number.

Begin the process by setting up the FIOS Router

If you are looking forward to connecting the FIOS Tv with an ethernet cable and use it for future purposes, then ensure that there is a convenient location between the router and the laptop where you can easily connect the cable. For a wireless Wi-Fi connection, it would be better to have a central location for the router so that the signals reach all the directions. Once you are through with this, have a look at the steps shared below:

  • Connect one end of the coax cable to the red coax port of the FIOS router and then the other end to the wall outlet. For the wall outlet connection, you can use the Cable Barrel Connector too.
  • Plug the black power cord to the black port on the router and the adapter to the main switch.
  • Switch on the FIOS router. The two LED switches on the front of the router will turn to green.
  • Take the Yellow Ethernet cable from the package and plug the cable to any of the four ports in the FIOS router. You will be connecting two of them. It is better if you connect them on the opposite ends.
  • Now take one Ethernet cable and connect it to the computer and the other one to the ethernet port of the network.
  • Now you can proceed with activating the internet service. Keep your order number with you.
  • Open your default web browser and search for ‘Verizon FIOS activation.’
  • Register to the services by creating an account and then click on Configure your PC/Computer
  • Download the software which is shown in the next step to manage the internet and product services.
  • Now look at your router and see a label which has the ESSID and WPA2 KEY. Note down the exact details as they appear.
  • Launch the laptop’s wireless application in the next step. Locate the ESSID. In the network, key, enter the WPA2 key and then click on connect.

Doing this will readily ensure that you have successfully set up the FIOS network with a self-install kit. Coming across any issue or dilemma, feel free to have a word with the certified techies at verizon support number.

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