How to read WhatsApp messages without blue tick android

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Unseen applications are very useful because with the help of it user can read the sender messages without the sender know. The sender will be unaware that you read his/her text. There will be no last seen and no more blue ticks on messenger. Also for this, it is also unnecessary to turn of

Unseen- No Last Seen for WhatsApp:

If you want to read the sender’s text without the sender’s knowledge and also sent a reply without WhatsApp open, then this is the best app for you. This app will help you read the sender’s messages without a blue mark. No one knows that you have read the sender’s messages because there will be no read sign.

This Unseen app is simple to use: when you receive a text message from one of the Chat Apps, it will also be displayed in the Unseen app. This app works in a dual way, Unseen for WhatsApp messages and also status savor for WhatsApp.

Key Features of Unseen App:

● Want to read and send messages without appearing online (no last seen) and Status Save?

● User can Remove the “seen” from the messenger,

● You can watch videos using Unseen for WhatsApp.

● Save Your Friend’s Status from WhatsApp

● No double-check. And definitely no blue double-check. So simple as that

● Listen to your audio files and preview your photos and videos

● Read all messenger apps messages with unseen, no blue tick mode.

● miss no status you want to keep from WhatsApp!

● In This app, a Built-in image viewer and media player for status images and videos featured are included

● You can see images from WhatsApp with help of the Unseen app.

● just examine and study your favorite social chat messages from incognito