SLA Based Services: Here’s a touch of Result-Based Works

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Take a glance of how Externetworks SLA & Result Based Services works for your Business

ExterNetworks launches its new SLA and Result-Based IT services.

The worldwide pandemic of 2020 has disturbed each part of life, from the working environment to day-to-day life, as many have recently recognized. In the business world, pandemics and the resulting worldwide downturn have upset the IT budget cycle.

Companies that source IT services often utilize the traditional managed services model where the service provider has full responsibility for distribution, and pricing is related to the discrete units of result-based on the SLA.

The challenge with this SLA based services model is the lack of clarity and transparency associations have with regards to assessing costs with the advantages of their managed services contract. Many CIOs and IT supervisors who work with merchants wind up stuck in long term contracts, disappointing their capacity to investigate opportunities for growth and advancement.

With ExterNetworks, companies have rearranged access to transparent, on-demand, results-based IT cloud services. Rather than paying for IT services dependent on production, ExtNoc clients pay for IT services dependent on measurable outcomes or business impacts they can objectively survey.


SLA Based Results


The ExtNoc platform will also provide opportunities to gig workers worldwide. All services on the ExtNoc and FE platforms are not contractual.

ExterNetworks presents a change in service outlook from traditional managed SLA-Based Service sourcing models, rather focusing on result-based service models.

All the constraints and shortcomings found in traditional IT sourcing models, for example, long term agreements and lack of transparency are old fashioned and we come up with new result-based (oriented) service models.

For more complex undertakings, ExtNoc utilizes an authorized and experienced worker to finish the errands. When the technician is allocated to the partner, the progress of the project will be tracked, and all of the partner's activity from beginning to end will be recorded for complete transparency.

ExtNoc is addressing the requirement for quick, reliable, service level agreement based and practical IT services with the launch of its progressive result-oriented IT service platform.