Set up comcast email address with email program

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Emails have a lot of importance in the life of almost every individual. Emails are often considered to be the formal channel of communication. Emails are also widely used by people to share files and other essential documents. There are various email service providers available for users to use. In the current scenario, users often use multiple email services for their daily requirements. This is when the users face difficulty in changing among various email services which they use. If you are using the services of Comcast Email, then you can effectively handle such a situation by setting up your Comcast email with an email program. This way, the whole process of managing multiple email service gets convenient. The process to get this done is also very simple and can be done by the users themselves. When needed, the users can also seek assistance from trained professionals by connecting with comcast support phone number. The users can also seek the steps to solve this issue in this blog.

The process to setup Comcast email on an Email Program?

The process which the users would have to follow in order to setup Comcast email on the email program. There are certain settings that you would have to change to connect to your Comcast email. The changes are as mentioned below:

  • Incoming Mail Server Name:
  • Incoming Mail Server Port Number: 993 with SSL ON
  • Outgoing Mail Server Name:
  • Outgoing Mail Server Port Number: 587 (SMTP)
  • SSL Encryption: Checked
  • Authentication: Enter your Comcast username and password

Email Setup: IMAP vs. Port Numbers and POP

While you are undertaking the process of setting up your email account, then the program would want you to provide some information about email “Protocols.” There are a few things that you must know as part of your setup process.

Port Numbers: The email port number determines how your email moved from one email server to another. To ensure your security and to prevent any kind of spamming, port 25 is no longer supported.

POP vs. IMAP: POP stands for Post Office Protocol, and IMPA is Internet Message Access Protocol. These are two different ways in which the users can get their emails on their email program. It is highly recommended that the users use IMAP for setting up Comcast email. POP has been known to create problems while checking emails from more than one phone or computer. IMAP helps the users sync their email while the user is checking it from multiple devices.

But if you still wish to use POP, then the setting option that you would have to use are:

  • Incoming Mail Server Name:
  • Incoming Mail Server Port Number: 995 (POP3 with SSL)

If you come across any problem while processing the required changes, then you can promptly connect with comcast support number. This service is available throughout the day, and the users can easily access this service by dialing a toll-free number. The executives at this service would ensure that your issue is resolved at the earliest.

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