5 Essential YouTube Tips Everyone Should Know

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YouTube is a social platform where content creators and audience interact with each other via content.

No matter whether you are looking for your favorite music, memes, or DIY tutorial, YouTube is the place where you find all of them in a matter of seconds. YouTube is a social platform where content creators and audience interact with each other via content. 

Today in this article, you are going to learn some tips and tricks to get the most out of your YouTube user experience.

YouTube: Tip and Tricks to Enhance Your User Experience 

  1. Sharing YouTube Link at Specific Time

Do you know that you can share a video from YouTube in such a way that it will start from a specific time? Yes, it is possible and a useful feature too. 

Here's how to share YouTube videos that start from a specific time:

  1. Play the video that you want to share and now pause to the time from where you want it to start.
  2. Now do a right-click on the video and select the "Copy video URL at current time" option.
  3. Now the video's sharing link is copied to the clipboard, and you can share this link with anyone you want. 

Now when your friend opens that link, the video will start from the time that you selected. 

  1. Auto-Replay aka Loop

Do you want a video to play again and again in a loop? If yes, then it is easy to play a video on YouTube in a loop. This feature is handy when you want a song to auto-replay. Here's how to loop YouTube videos: 

  1. Play the video you want on YouTube.
  2. Now right-click on video playback screen and then select the Loop options.
  3. Now your video will replay until you click the Loop option again. 


  1. HD videos by Default

If you someone who only prefers HD video quality, then you should try out this feature. There is an extension for doing this on Google Chrome, which allows you to set HD video quality by default. So, whenever you play YouTube, it will play the HD videos by default. 

To do so, see the instructions given below:

  1. Install the "Magic Actions for YouTube" extension for your Chrome or Firefox browser. 
  2. Now head to the Settings of the Magic Actions for YouTube extension.
  3. Enable the Auto HD option in the settings. 


  1. Improve Your Search Accuracy 

YouTube is a platform where millions of videos are stacked in an organized way. But some videos are hard to find, and it can take lots of time to find such a video. So, here's a pro trick which will let you find such videos in less time. Put "Allintitle:" command before your searching keywords. It will filter out irrelevant videos from the result. By using that command, you will only get videos that contain your search keyword in its title. 


  1. Exclude Particular Keywords in Your Search

Suppose if you want to watch a YouTube video tutorial about how to crop background from an image, but there you don't want to watch a Photoshop tutorial. To do that you can you exclude the term "Photoshop" from the search results. To exclude a specific keyword from the search, you can put "-" (minus) before the keyword that you want to exclude from the results. For example, use "how to crop the background of an image -Photoshop" in the search bar.

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