Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2021

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Every year brings a new digital trend that lets everyone think about what can be accomplished in mobile app development. If you want to keep up with the mobile application development industry, it is necessary to find what's new you can expect in the upcoming year 2021. This post will help you to find the latest app development trends.                                              

The rapid growth of smartphones leads to an increase in mobile applications. This derives the continuous need for skilled and knowledgeable mobile app developers that meet the need of the fast-paced landscape of the mobile industry. After deep research, here are some of the future trends of mobile app development that will boost the mobile app market with a big hit. 

Below are the top mobile app development trends for 2021:

Artificial Intelligence: Voice Assistant and Chatbots

The presence of AI in mobile devices has been around for certain years now, bringing automated mobile assistants that can act and respond like a human for example Alexa, Siri for Apple. These associates are improving each year by learning the user's behavior to give a more accurate and customized experience.

Cloud-Driven Mobile Apps Are Rising

From clients to tech experts, everybody has caught wind of cloud innovation and the way it's affecting our daily lives. Cloud computing has inevitably marked its presence with efficient mobile applications. Presently, we're seeing incredible mobile applications that directly bring information from the cloud and take the least space of the mobile phone's internal storage.

Augmented Reality

AR is not new, but rather they are turning out to be better and unavoidable consistently, arriving at unprecedented levels. Mobile games like Pokémon GO made this so renowned that many individuals collaborated with virtual objects and animals that don't exist however were shown over the screen, because of AR. Applications for this innovation can go much further in industries like security, health, and fitness, industrial maintenance, and so on.

Biometric Authentication

Utilizing your body to demonstrate that you are yourself is a new typical feature of mobile devices. Research demonstrates that over 60% of mobile phone shipments accompany unique fingerprint scanning capabilities, which continues developing. This sort of verification innovation is being improved each year, building up a quicker and exact scanner that is present even worked below the screen.

IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT introduces home automation with just a click. Imagine coming to (or leaving) your home and having the option to open entryways, open windows, and turn on lights with only one touch. Those things are conceivable now and continue being improved to permit domestic appliances to perform more complex tasks, overseeing them with mobile applications, for example, Apple's "Home." Indeed, as per IDC, investment in IoT expectedly reaches $1 trillion imprints by 2022, and mobile app development will go hand in hand.


Making a quick and easy to understand website that performs well on any device (particularly in mobiles) is a core objective for developers. Users immediately leave the website that took so long to load and the same happens in the case of mobile apps. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and PWA (Progressive Web Applications) bring an easy and smart way to tackle such problems.

Beacons and Location-Based Service

Incorporated location-based assistance, applications like Apple's iBeacons and Google Beacon are on the rise. Wi-Fi utilization won't be restricted to hotels, restaurants, shops, and medical services. The consumption of mobile apps using Wi-Fi supported ascending far away from these conventional requirements.

Final Thought!

The rundown of trends referenced in this post depends on research and our tech expert assumptions, yet it's not broad. Other trends didn't make the cut, for example, instant apps and blockchain on mobile, however, what do you think? What are your considerations about the current year's trends? Which one will be the right fit for your project? Your decision will be based on such specifications.